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The United States is seeking support for its Middle East peace plan at the Bahrain Conference – Novinky.cz

President Donald Trump's administration wants countries and investors in the region to pledge to support a $ 50 billion development plan (over $ 1.1 billion).

Trump's son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner, who is responsible for peace management costs. He admitted that Palestinian prosperity was not possible without a fair and lasting political solution to the conflict. But he added that efforts to develop a Palestinian economy can lead to "true peace that leads to prosperity". "We see great potential here," said Kushner, stressing that the White House is focusing its efforts on unlocking the peace process. "We have developed the most comprehensive financial plan ever developed specifically for the Palestinians and the broader Middle East," said Kushner in front of Arab finance ministers, heads of international financial institutions, including International Monetary Fund manager Christine Lagarde, and managers and investors from dozens of states. But the conference lacks an official Palestinian and Israeli delegation.

"We can turn this region from a victim of past conflicts into a model of trade and progress worldwide," said Kushner. "My direct message to the Palestinians is that, despite hearing from those who have disappointed you in the past, President Trump and America have not abandoned you," Kushner said. million jobs. The Palestinians say that the economic plan is unnecessary until the issues of ending Israeli occupation and the independence of Palestine are clarified. The issue of borders, the status of Jerusalem or the fate of the Palestinian refugees must be resolved.

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PHOTO: Majdi Mohammed, CTK / AP

Even on Tuesday, thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank against the Bahraini Manama conference and fired Trump's portrait. doubts whether rich Arab states will be willing to invest in the Palestinian economy before they can resolve a fundamental political dispute between Israelis and Palestinians.

The political part of the US peace plan is still a secret and the Trump administration refuses to sign up for a solution based on the creation of an independent Han Palestinian state alongside Israel. Kushner on Tuesday confirmed that the political issues in Manama were negotiable. "We come to them at the right time," he said.

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco attend the Bahrain conference. On the contrary, Lebanon and Iraq do not participate. Israeli government officials were not invited, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the conference.

The United States expects them to win investors for the development of Palestinian territories. Their peace plan requires the creation of an investment fund of about $ 50 billion (over $ 1.1 billion) and comprises 179 development projects. $ 9.1 billion in Egypt, $ 7.4 billion in Jordan and $ 6.3 billion in Lebanon.

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