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The new Audi SQ8 has the most powerful diesel in Europe – Novinky.cz

Audi in the latest generation has an interesting strategy. The S-marked models feature powerful turbo diesel engines. The same applies to SQ8, which is a kind of "coupe" version from SQ7. Even the opponents of the black tanks must admit that the parameters offered by this car are very interesting.

The four-lane 8-cylinder engine delivers the highest power of 320 kW (435 hp) and delivers maximum torque ranging from 1250 to 3250 rpm 900 Nm The news will be 100 km / h when it goes from standstill to 4.8 seconds and the electronic speed limiter stops further acceleration at 250 km / h.

  Four distinct tubes are also a unique sign.

The four exhaust pipes are also a hallmark. [2] The classic fan, which forms the basis of a 48-volt network and helps at the lowest speed, also helps two classic turbochargers. side stabilization, rear wheel rotation or optional underlying sports differential.

  You will find various materials inside.

Inside you will find different materials.

Visually, the Eskimo line is traditionally not very different, you can recognize it with another radiator grille, outlet pipe or special wheel that is 21

inch standard.

The Audi SQ8 arrives in the Czech market during the summer, the price has not yet been determined.

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