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the most mobile data. Grandma wants to give a discount

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The domestic operators have submitted a tariff quota from June to June.

Compared to how many GB data under $ 50, customers in the Czech Republic switched from 37 to 14th place between 41 and zemmi. At cheap prices, the bag will fall behind. This was reported by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce on the basis of an analysis by Rewheel

The analysis shows that there are positive changes according to the Ministry. In addition to the data, there was part of the tariff with unlimited free. There is a difference in cheap deals, although changes are probably also needed for customs duties of twenty, thirty or thirty euros. If the services are shared, such as students, family or colleagues, it is possible to achieve attractive prices in this case. and Finland, where unlimited free and SMS of up to thirty gigabytes of data costs (cash) up to six hundred SEK, do our best for cheap data. Mme provided alternatives to pit operators. I am delighted that the Chamber of Deputies unanimously adopted a change to the Electronic Communications Act, which allows customers to move to another operator much more easily and without having to pay fees and penalties for switching operators, said Prime Minister Andrej Babi (JA).

Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlek (for ANO) does not, like anywhere else in the world, provide a simple, open offer with a reasonable amount of data and a tariff for them. This may change the upcoming auction rate for the 5G rate, which should be arrested in five years.

New duties are evident for T-Mobile's

unlimited mobile data. In more than thirty countries compared, including Switzerland, France and Austria, customers will receive thirty euros over ten gigabytes of mobile data, and in half of the countries more than fifty gigabytes of data can be obtained. In the Czech Republic, it is the country's four gigabytes to the 37th city

As of April 1

, 2020, an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act will come into force. The whole process of operator change is thus simplified. For example, there will be no obligation to notify the original operator of the change and there will be a cost calculator for comparison. At the same time, it will apply to two million entrepreneurs. For the first time, they will have the same conditions as other individuals.

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