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The gods have a new baptism. Get rich yourself, Gates took him

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During the third quarter of this year, Amazon's online business fell by 28%. The company said it in a tough way and the value of its documents dreamed about 8 percent. The company's profits were under $ 2 billion ($ 46 billion), the first downturn since 2017.

According to Bloomberg, the founder and current fighter of this giant, Jeff Bezos, loses a value of about $ 10 billion. Such a collapse would rob him of the world's richest mue and replace Microsoft's founder Bill Gates. Clearly her magazine Magazine Forbes, which in the ranking of the richest of bohatch d different methods. According to him, Gates is the new wing of public nights.

Disappointment for Analysts and Investors

Amazon is a known strong growth driver of high spending. TK even explained that it was a reliable profit generator.

For the last quarter, the company estimates its revenue at only $ 80 and $ 86.5 billion, while analysts have expected hundreds over $ 87 billion. Leton's peak season will not turn for Amazon or its investors, comments CNBC

The name Bezose has not changed in the past year just because of a decrease in Amazon's profits. A quarter of his actions at the company in the divorce company, he settled on his ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos. It is now the world's richest and on the list of the richest people, compiled by Bloomberg, holds a position.

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