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The Esk industry has recovered from the bottom, construction is falling faster

The Czech industry mainly car production, which in May decreased by more than 45 percent, which follows from the data on the number of working days, which in the Czech Republic published a series of statistics (S).


Source: S

It is a mountain result, not as we hoped for the crisis. This indicates that the Czech industry is dependent on the production of a car. We will have to get used to a similar trend, perhaps with a gradually improving trend, even in the following months. The decline in demand is still very sharp, commented statistics Petr Smutn from the consulting company PwC.

In May, the domestic industry began to recover from the shock it received due to the government̵

7;s measures against coronavirus infection. Manufacturing of motor vehicles resumed about half, he added. At the height of the krona virus crisis, all major car manufacturers stopped production.

The construction industry responds well

The volume of construction production in May was 7.6 percent lower. The decline was thus accelerated by three percentage points compared to April, S.Pozemn informed about the construction, where the decline in the construction of an apartment, office or warehouse decreased again. On the contrary, the construction industry, which includes a large transport infrastructure, has grown but at a much slower pace than in previous months.

serious statistics. The industry fell by its aunt, its exports by hundreds of billions

This is the worst result since the arrest last year and significantly below the average for the past twelve months. This corresponds to the traditional bottom in the entire sector behind the economy, which reached its bottom in April and May shows signs of recovery. The design of this bag has just been revived, says Komern Bank analyst Frantisek Tborsk.

As the buildings decline by several months, May is slowed by news for the UK. All companies managed to keep pace, but the name of companies and single traders was significantly lower on the same May day. On the contrary, the situation within building permits and building houses has stabilized, commented Petra Cunov, head of the statistics department for construction and housing under construction.

Foreign trade R ended in May with a surplus of SEK 1.3 billion, mezzanine trade was SEK 22 billion in nine. The largest fall in the balance was recorded in the trade in motor vehicles, their transport decreased by half in May.