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The Czech Republic has a new supercomputer. Her name is Barbora

“We replace the old Anselm supercomputer with the new one. In addition to being more powerful, it contains many new technologies. All in all, this creates an interesting and balanced system that is good for numerical simulations, large data processing and artificial intelligence calculations, "says Branislav Jansík, director of Supercomputing Services at Center.

The new supercomputer was supplied by Atos IT Solutions and Services. The costs were shared by European subsidies, the state and the university. "Our goal is to regularly renew our computerization resources so that our users have access to state-of-the-art computer systems and to meet their growing demands to the greatest extent possible," said Vít Vondrák, director of the center.

. Barbora has a total memory capacity of 43 terabytes (Anselm had 1

5 terabytes), up to 28 gigabytes per second (Anselm six gigabytes) and up to 200 gigabytes per second (Anselm 40) network speeds.

very powerful storage, we have extremely fast flash drives that can be accessed remotely across the system and can be distributed as needed and provide high performance for data capabilities, "Jansík said, adding some benefits

Solomon works on [19659006] The Solomon supercomputer is still in the middle and is even more powerful than Barbora at about two petaflops per second. "But the new computer has all the new technologies needed to do the new kind of calculations and move on," Jansík said. The computers are interconnected, mainly for data and storage sharing

The Solomon supercomputer is housed in a data room with 15 percent oxygen levels

Photo: Denisa Telaříková, Právo

Jansík said the use of the new supercomputer will be widespread. "The supercomputer is a universal scientific unit that uses virtually all areas of science and research, where mathematical modeling and numerical simulation play a role," Jansík said. Ostrava's supercomputers, according to him, are used by all major domestic universities, research institutes and partly also by the commercial sector, especially companies dealing with science and research

Rector of VSB-TUO Vaclav Snášel said that supercomputers are one of the most important issues for school. “Where supercomputer applications are needed, it is primarily in the area of ​​modeling, simulation, certain natural or social events, where the role of these devices is replaceable, and I believe it is a shift not only for our university but also for the entire Czech Republic.

The name Barbora was chosen for the supercomputer by an expert jury of 1237 submitted proposals. The name refers to the patron saint of the miners, but it was named a mine in the Ostrava-Karviná district as well as in the case of Anselm and Solomon.

The Ostrava Center still has NVIDIA DGX-2, which was launched this year and specializes in artificial intelligence calculations. Next year, the EuroHPC petascale super data system will be installed in the center, which will be among the 50 most powerful supercomputers in the world. , CTK

How supercomputers work

Unlike conventional desktops, supercomputers occupy the entire building. They are built by thousands of processors and have the same performance as hundreds of conventional computers. What a supercomputer can calculate in a single day would take a regular home computer a full year.

This is also reflected in their cost. Supercomputers are just as expensive as luxuriously furnished family homes. Such powerful machines examine human DNA, decrypt secret information or calculate the movement of the universe.

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