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The Czech Republic can issue a bank that, according to Moscow, has misappropriated billions. It's not about politics that the court decided

The court on Thursday acknowledged the release of former intergovernmental chief Alexander Bugajevsky to Russia. But according to his lawyer, his country faces an unfair trial. (19459005) – The poor banker Alexandr Bugajevski, arrested by the Czech police on the basis of an international arrest warrant at the end of January, may be handed over to Russia. It was decided on Thursday by the municipal court in Prague, according to which a man in the country does not have to worry about an unfair process. Russian authorities of the former board of the bankrupt bankruptcy bank accused of confusion in tens of millions of euros

Bugaevsky and his lawyer Viktor Rytikov based in particular on reports from the US government departments and organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International's current Russian justice and poor prison terms. According to Rytikov, there is a danger that his client will not be guaranteed the right to a fair trial after returning to his home country. Bugaevsky's Russian lawyers also came to the same conclusion

However, the court rejected these arguments. According to Russia, Russia is requesting extradition with suspicion of committing crimes, not by political persecution. According to Judge Jaroslav Pytlik, there is no reason for Russia not respecting international treaties for a fair trial. "It has not broken the protection measures yet, and there is no reason to believe that this should happen right now," said the judge and confirmed the position of the prosecutor.

"These are formal promises about Russia that must be investigated," Rytikov contradicted. "It can not be recognized that a person will be handed over to a foreign country and we just hope there will be no violation of human rights," he said.

The Senate has also failed to follow Bugaeva's request for detention in accordance with the promise of bail and home prison. ] Rytikov will consider submitting a complaint. "If the Czechoslovak banker really issues, the Ministry of Justice decides to decide on another fate of Russia's fate after the fall of Yevgeny Nikulin."

According to the Russian daily Kommersant, Bugajevsky commuted embarrassment in January 2016, at the time he was the 67rd largest bank in Russia. She and some other people have claimed to transfer 45 million euros (1.2 billion) to the account. In February of the same year, he left Russia, but the authorities issued him only in December 2016. Before being arrested in the Czech Republic, Bugaevsky lived in Germany, Sweden or the Baltic Sea and was held in court on Thursday

on the appropriations of bonds worth 7,925 billion rubles about 2.5 billion kronor) from the bank's assets, Kommersant said.

Bugaevsky's wife arrived on Thursday. In Russia, Moscow's courts, which froze the family in Moscow, successfully fail a holiday home near the Russian capital, landing and over 100 million rubles in the accounts

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