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The blasphemous Ford will present itself in less than a month

The day when the Ford Mustang joins the word "electric car" is not only a nightmare for fans of this icon, but also a reality, November 18, 2019. Don't worry too, it won't be an eight-cylinder sports car that gets the electric version Long announced crossover inspired by Mustang

As it has long been known, it will run on electricity. Ford says the development goal is for the car to cover 600 km per charge according to the WLTP measurement cycle. The car will set new rules for the game – and that's all Ford has published so far, in addition to a short video on the car's design process and silhouette. Let's face it, it's really close to the Mustang

This is the first image Ford has published on the Mustang-inspired electric crossover

Photo: Ford 2x

The first image that came to the world a year ago , there was a sketch on the back of the news. And it looked like a Mustang, but a little rounded, much more. What will it look like, and most importantly, how the resulting car, whether honor or shame will inspire, let's wait.

This is the current Ford Mustang with full-fat eight-cylinder engine.

Photo: Marek Bednář, News

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