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The Afghan attack in Austria has not survived a second person

The attack was committed by a failed Afghan asylum seeker, Jamal Ali Ahmad, who first pulled a 32-year-old hostel worker in charge of him. During the race, he killed a local farmer to seize his car.

The Austrian authorities have claimed to have injured a 32-year-old hostel worker who was very serious from the first moment and claimed that the man is in critical condition. A thirty-three-year-old Afghan did not live in a refugee for refugees, but on Monday he met a worker to talk about his working future. But the debate turned into a quarrel that ended in an attack in which the Afghans razed the man's chest.

The Afghan then rode a bicycle to a nearby farm. He killed the farmer and left his brown lemon. He was also arrested by Linz police on Monday night

The hostel, which had about twenty asylum seekers and one Afghan assailant, had been closed earlier. Thomas Märzinger, head of the Upper Austrian branch of the Austrian Red Cross, announced it in Life Radio

The case attracted great attention, not only in Austria but also in the Czech Republic. Initially, it is not excluded that the Afghans would try to flee to the Czech Republic, so the Czech police were in readiness.

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