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Tesla’s record in danger, Lucid Air promises even higher range

Tesla currently has an electric car with the highest EPA-certified range. But he can quickly take this record for granted.

Electric car manufacturer Lucid Motors boasted a video on Twitter that would reveal the purely electric range of the luxury electric sedan Lucid Air. And even though it is not best seen in the video, the dial eventually stayed at 442 miles, which is about 711 kilometers.

At the same time, Tesla relatively recently boasted of its first place, when the new Model S, ie also a premium electric sedan, with an EPA-certified range of 402 miles (about 647 kilometers) was the first electric car to reach the 400 mile limit (about 644 km) .

The difference of about 40 km is definitely not negligible, but we have several disadvantages. And the first question is, for example, whether this range is also EPA-certified and can be considered official. However, we should see a big revelation tomorrow, August 1

1, when Lucid wants to set a “new standard” for the electric car range.

However, Lucid Motor has previously questioned the range of its Air model with an attempt where a couple of test models traveled 800 miles (approximately 1,285 km) for just two charges. It was a ride in normal traffic and with breaks for the rest of the drivers, who took a turn behind the wheel.

At the same time, Lucid Air achieves a large area, not only by emphasizing the optimization of the propulsion system, but also by very sophisticated and sophisticated aerodynamics. We do not know the exact figures yet, but the Air model may soon become the most aerodynamically efficient luxury sedan in the world, as InsideEV suggests.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know the battery capacity or the engine of the engine (the car should have four-wheel drive). However, Lucid Air should be able to accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h in about 2.5 seconds, the maximum speed should be over 320 km / h and the Laguna Seca circuit drove a luxury electric car faster than the Ford Mustang Boss 302 version of Laguna Seca from 2012 is run by Randy Pobst – test driver for the magazine Motor Trend.

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