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Tesla is a monopoly, we do not yet know? Morgan Stanley can't even appreciate the company …

Medium.com Magazine presently presented an article by Corey Recvlohe entitled "Tesla is a monopoly that we just do not know yet" . This is closely related to the news that Morgan Stanley does not manage the Tesla valuation   Tesla Autopilot Tesla Autopilot

Tesla is a hard nut for both competing car manufacturers and financial homes.

In April, Tesla hosted the Independence Day. Elon Musk introduced RoboTaxi (originally Tesla Network) and talked about his other autonomous driving visions . Apart from him, he was also a certain Andrei Karpathy .

Andrej was born in Slovakia at 1

5:00 and went to Canada with her parents and graduated there. He graduated later from Stanford. Today he is chief engineer for the Tesla Autopilot project.

The whole story that Tesla is a monopoly we do not know about is to rotate around autonomous driving. In essence, he says that Tesla is trying to create a completely new transport industry to completely control it.

Inspired by Musk's friend and colleague PayPal, entrepreneur, visionary and futurist Peter Thiel. The basic idea is as follows: Why compete in the fields filled with competition when you can create your own field and quickly achieve a monopoly in it

That's what Corey Recvlohe sees in the future for Tesla and the Elon case Musk has been running since at least 2013 when he first started playing with the idea of ​​autonomous driving of his electric cars.

Tesla has a huge competitive advantage in having this system installed in hundreds of thousands of cars today which travel almost everywhere in the world every day .

Self-learning software therefore continually comes up with new impulses, improves and so quickly paves the way to completely autonomous control based on image processing .

Therefore, Elon Musk is currently promising to show fully autonomous vehicles at the end of this year. Elon's time is, as is well known, distorted, but on the other hand he has always kept what he promised – sooner or later.

With the enormous unsuspecting potential of Tesla, which can quickly rob robotic competition related to the current issue of Morgan Stanley. One of her analysts is currently saying: "We continue to believe that Tesla is fundamentally overestimated but potentially strategically underestimated."

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