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Spy virus finds out about the user, attacks mobile phones and tablets – Novinky.cz

"FinSpy is a very effective software tool that enables targeted tracking. According to experts, he stole information worldwide from international NGOs, governments, and law enforcement agencies. Attackers can adapt the behavior of each FinSpy malicious implant to a specific target or group goals, "warned Alexey Firsh, Kaspersky's security expert.

According to them, the newly discovered threat is very serious, as the possibilities of monitoring activities on an infected device are almost unlimited. "Attackers can track device locations, all incoming and outgoing messages, contacts, stored media and data from popular message placements such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Viber," said the security expert.

] All stealing data is then transferred to the attacker over the Internet. If the mobile device is not connected to the network, it uses the SMS virus. Not even users who do not connect their mobile devices to the Internet are sure to sneak.

However, pirates can only infect a tablet or smartphone in two cases: the first is physical access to the device, or they can infect a jailbreaked device or by rooting.

These are software changes on mobile devices that can be used to install unofficial applications on iOS and Android. It is because of this advantage that users will decide to jailbreak or root in any way at all.

Masquerades Trace

FinSpy can mask tracks very well. "For example, a version of malicious software iOS 1

1 and an older version may hide jailbreak tracks. The same goes for Android – the new version of FinSpy includes an exploit that can provide root permissions and thus unlimited access to files and commands," Firsh stressed. "

" Essentially, every day we meet new FinSpy victims, so it's important to pay attention to the latest updates to their devices and execute them when they become available, "concluded security expert.

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