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Slovaks solve again Good: Why did the oldest Dominican do this?

The person of Karel Gott attracts attention, even though it has been a few weeks since his death. However, the master brought with him some secrets that are now coming to light. At the same time, our eastern neighbors are also dealing with them.

Last year during the holidays, Karel Gott († 80) delighted the fans with a series of photos from the latest meeting with his illegitimate daughters Dominika and Lucie. He already had a big secret from his followers, and not just from them.

As stars24.cz informed you last weekend, Dominika Gottová did not know about her father’s diagnosis at the time, while the younger Lucie did. The legendary singer and his wife were afraid she would reveal it to the media.

Marika Gombitová

This information has now received the attention of the Slovak media. The local cas.sk server states that the eldest daughter of the multiple Slavík still feels affected because none of her relatives told her about the master’s serious illness.

“The blonde claims that a year ago she saw that everything did not match her famous father,” the website writes, recalling that Gott should have told his daughter that he only cured pneumonia. “She found out about her father’s illness in September, a few weeks before his death. Dominika is affected,” the author adds.

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