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Slavic celebrations, fire and racist insults. Behind the scenes of the Prague derby

It was supposed to be a match that everyone, despite the coronavirus measures for the stadium, could enjoy and then enjoy the title with gusto. Prague’s “S” derby could not change anything in the final form of the league table. Slavia was a clear champion this year in advance, and in the match with Sparta “only” the football army was played.

A possible loss, even more in front of her own fans, would not fit into the championship celebration plan. The stadium in Prague Eden was still only partially filled due to ongoing coronavirus measures. The biggest concentration of fans was, as always, in the Northern Stand, ie in the home cart, just behind one of the goals. The sector reserved for Letna fans, on the other hand, was empty and it was almost impossible to mislead a fan with a Spartan scarf.

Despite the limited capacity, the stadium had a good atmosphere and from the beginning the fans drove the team of coaches Trpišovský to other derby victory with Sparta this year. But the fans did not see much of the beauty of football, so situations that not only belonged to football stood out.

The name of the hated rival from the other bank was a vulgar word on Wednesday night in Vršovice. Enthusiasm and a smile were forgiven among Slavic fans when heard in connection with the word death. Nicolae Stanciu was recently fined for shouting “Death to Sparta!”

;, This time fans in the stands expressed their hatred of the rival very loudly.

Another situation without football occurred in the 22nd minute. Spartan Benjamin Tetteh won the title and won a corner kick for the Reds. The Ghanaian striker then lost his balance and came close to domestic fans. Almost immediately, they began to insult Tetteh grossly racist and imitate a monkey scream against him.

The referee of the match, Ondřej Berka, despite repeated warnings from Spartan players, did not resolve the situation.

LFA punishes the clubs severely for racist fan behavior, but in this case the arbitrator, who silently supported the behavior of Slavic fans, was also wrong.

About five minutes later, emotions arose in the field. After a duel between Stancia and Kanga, it was a battle between the players. Well-known companies on both sides joined the push-up – well-formed Štětina and Captain Slavia Bořil. They both took a yellow card from a shot of obviously sharp words and some wrestling grips.

The first half gave several serious chances on both sides, but he did not get the ball to any of the goals. Benjamin Tetteh was active at the top of Sparta, but he handled the final parts of the promising events very unluckily, and coach Kotal instructed Libor Kozák to warm up during the break. He did it together with other teammates with great “support” from the crowd. At that time, the fans managed to stand in line for beer and sausage, so they had the opportunity to devote not only to Kozák but also to Frýdek. The choir “Frýdek je …” sounded like a stadium. Spartan universal could not hear the tribunals’ answers and just laughed.

Certainly, when Kozák went into the pitch, Slavia’s forward Petar Musa, who could not play due to a short penalty, did not sit in the galleries and thus deprived himself of the opportunity to win a crown for the shooter king. Kozák had the opportunity to jump in front of him in the table of gunners, which began with the same number of goals as Musa.

However, Libor Kozák and no one else managed to score on Wednesday night and the final derby of this season ended in a draw. Even before the match, the caller stopped the fans from entering the field. Slavic staff were prepared even though the fans did not obey. The organizers quickly set up barriers and set up a pallet site in the form of a large five-point star. Although at first it seemed as if no obstacles were needed, the spectators on the pitch after a while of delay, despite the instructions.

Then the surrender of the cup followed. One by one, the players went to the podium, waiting for Captain Jan Bořil. Slavic support in the back rows finally took the cup, which she raised above the head of the stage along with a representative of the club’s Chinese owner. Champagne flowed and one pyrotechnic unit after the other ignited. One of them even lit a wooden part of the stadium roof. But the joy of the Jubilee’s 20th title did not really catch the red and white fire.

Parties, then thoughts about the new season

After all, the night will still be long confirmed by the captain of this year’s league champion, Jan Bořil. “Now it’s just to reveal, we’ve been working on this for a whole year and we knew what we were playing for. We’re really looking forward to the celebration, I’ve already experienced it, some boys will experience it for the first time, so they’ll probably enjoy it even more. We definitely won’t celebrate the title in just a few hours, but much longer, maybe a few days … “he said with a smile after the season’s final match.

“The celebration, of course, gets bigger than after the match with Pilsen. We knew we were going to play a few more games, so it has to be decent. Everyone here is responsible and they knew what we were playing for and we didn’t want to turn it into a potato pancake. But I think today it will fall out for all of us, we will really enjoy it and then we will go on vacation, continued the words of the captain, goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář, who broke the record in the number of zeros captured this season.

It was by writing about the history and performances of the Champions League that he gained attention abroad. “I would like to stay in Slavia, catch next season and come back in the Champions League. But we will see how it all turns out,” the holder of 23 net accounts answered the question of his future.

One of the main faces of Slavic success is undoubtedly coach Jindřich Trpišovský. He admitted at a press conference that defending the title was even more difficult than winning it for the first time. “The emotions are great, we managed to defend the championship, which was even more difficult than getting the first one from last year. Whether it was important players’ departure or the break of the league, which waited considerably for the end of the season. We had to rebuild the team during the march and Pilsen on the other hand played well, so I’m glad we finally took it in. The only thing behind last year is that the stadium can’t be sold out and only some of the fans came to the matches, but there was a danger that the season would could be interrupted, which would be the worst thing that could happen, so I rested, “Trpišovský said, evaluating his team’s success.

“The celebration will be similar to last year, but of course the celebration seems much bigger at that moment. We know that nothing is waiting for us anymore. We now have fourteen days off and then the preparations for the next season will begin again. I don’t think it will be a party either, but rather such a friendly gathering, “Trpišovský added to the upcoming celebration.

At the same time, the coaching staff must already think about the next season. Slavia is interested in several players, usually the names Graiciar and Kuchta. “The team that we have now was built specifically for the spring part of the league, ie for the fifteen games. When I spoke at the end of last season I said that I mainly wish nobody would leave. I would like it even more this year, especially As for Ondřej Kolář, we have no such plans, but even after the pandemic, no one has any idea what the market will look like and whether a club will make a lucrative offer, and we hope to welcome some new faces in preparation. and Kuchta? I can confirm that we are interested in some of the players, but I will not say which of the two specifically. We are still waiting for the players to return from the host and their health status, “commented Trpišovský about the future form of his staff.

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