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She woke up in a shutdown plan. Forgotten passenger helped by a flashlight

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To this day he saw Facebook on Facebook. When Adamsov boarded the plane in June, she got all the places in the ad. The aircraft was occupied only about one quarter and the woman could comfortably nathnout. In his words, she fell asleep in the middle of a mole, just an hour's flight. I was completely frozen and riding under the seat, I sat in the dark, described Adam's moment of panic in the air as Deanna Noel-Dale told Air Canada Facebook.

Airline vpov Adamsov confirmed Newsweek, became bag

Immediately after the probuzen Adam's call the camel called for help. No money could explain what happened, and where it was, the phone was empty. She wondered how to plow a person to fly a dog in the aircraft's cockpit, the bag didn't work because the machine was completely powerless.

Adam's bag in the cockpit was at least one flashlight that SOS was sent through the windows. Since the bag was parked in a remote area where the machines would be closed for the night, the lamp had no flashlight.

Luggage car guard

and still opened the pawn door, there would be a danger to the machine and not to the salt cabin dn rep. The city began with a flashlight to illuminate the side of the machine, and the area became attentive. Eventually this full-fledged youth

one missed the emergency exit with the toilet. The flight took seven hours

When the luggage cart started to come to me, sat in the open door and my feet hung down from the plane. Pn was in the extreme eye and asked me how he could have forgotten the plane. I would also like to describe it myself, describing the moment of protection. Air Canada and promised to start the event, they have contacted it ever since.

Adamsov said he had trouble with the unpleasant result. I come back the same way, I will be shy and afraid that I am focused on a dark city, you were in Facebook pspvku.

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