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RESULTS: Rammstein filled the cork. Only if cad could see it

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Because of what to do, Rammstein offered his typical sms-hard music and a tough theater when he didn't even want to enjoy it.

Europe Stadium Tour 2019


Msto ] Konn: Eden Arena Praha

16. July 201


Evaluated: 65 %

Yes, the band has won many drums. The black dm emerges from the beginning of the concert, or the same colored confetti darted on the string and the fun atmosphere and fire at the end of the show were knocked out. But what happened on the scenes could have been a big crowd.

Take the cork out of the puppy Pope, they have to warn it, because the only screen on the screen was that the pistols appeared. audience. Then the cork with the artificial baby was absorbed by the flames, it was visible. Similarly, in the newly written Deutschland, the picture with the musicians has been decided only outside the refrains. But for kad saw a moment to be the girl's back.

Otherwise, Rammstein got her rebellion. In the above memory she reminded of a little after apocalyptic church, a large wall behind the wall adorned the reflector plate and a lot of musicians on a good ground and lost not only those who did not have insight.

. A lot of speakers offered the sound to be heard even on the back of the stadium, hopefully and inconsistently. Jene listened to a very bad mix.

Of course, Rammstein is not the first band to compete in music. However, the pebbled, uncontrollable and unchanging sound is a single ball that can be tolerated in a song. And no more than half the time of the game will be unpleasant to produce.

Take a Rammstein concert to offer what is to be offered. So far in the podium. Release the technical stuff on the show for the thousand people, and in the fall of the screens, the girls will jump off in front of them, it is unforgivable. He didn't even have an audience with half of it. And released buzz in the ear.

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