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PlayStation 5 sold out within 24 hours, they will be given for five years

Although Sony has raised speculation that the production of new PlayStation 5 consoles would be a problem, which would be reflected in the delivery at the time of sale, it still looks like there is a shortage of new gaming stations. Stores all over the world within 24 hours after pre-orders are running at full capacity and no one knows if anyone will get them in mid-November.

It sells a large retail chain in the US and Europe (Best Buy, Amazon, Target and others). Even in the Czech Republic, traders (Alza, CZC, Datart and others) point out in other pre-orders that a new delivery of consoles will take place in 2021

. If the situation does not change, it is possible that the domestic market will eventually only reach those who could secure the order during the first day.

PlayStation 5 will be the same as the new Xbox

The situation is of course used by buyers who have started to offer their valid pre-orders on the eBay auction portal at the price of blc and even twice as much as the price of new consoles. Most offers are around SEK 25,000, there are also absurd offers for less than a quarter of a million kronor. At the Czech bazaars, the bag is still quiet.

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Buyers are then a big thorn in their side, for example on the Reddit discussion server, which on the other hand, with full posts both to the store’s address and to the address of Sony itself, has released only a limited number of pieces to me. At the same time, users are encouraged not to buy gaming stations for absurdly inflated prices from stores, and even boycotted their offers to pay attention to pointless seizures and sweat deductions.

The panic is not in place, it really does not know if Sony has put a wave of pre-orders in their hands. Traders only work with the information that is currently available, the situation will change at any time. Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has said that more PlayStation 5 consoles will be available than when PlayStation 4 was launched.

By the way, they are not only fighting for the new console but also for the nVidia RTX 3080 graphics card, which went on sale the same day as the PlayStation 5.

In both cases, there are fears that people bought goods online using special scripts that made it possible for them to book a large number of products in a short time. Even new graphics cards are slowly flooding auction portals at deadly prices.

esk represented by Sony, we submitted a week.