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PERSONALITY: Jurek – invisible dog

or what is the value of talent

An eight-year-old boy visits his mother at night. The boy is afraid of invisible armed men who seek his life and only their mother can save him from them.

Along the way, discover coca and lk it until you let it iron and pick up. Nmstm with a rumble bl nklak. The guy throws a coke on the street, the wheels nklaku her reflection. Damaged coca crawls to him. V and j svt horror.

Coke’s pain only dug his teeth into his finger. He wants to kick her, but he just shouts: Blood! She sku, he zavh, but then leave quickly and stop thinking about her. He feels good. He called men with revolvers, but no one answered, because I feel I’m afraid of him.

Pavel Jur

Pavel Jurek

This is the content of the short story by Pavel Jurek, the future screenwriter and director of the famous film The Character to Support, Kad mlad and Ppad pro zanajcho kata, which he wrote at FAMU in 1958. The story made him famous on his bike. At the same time, as her ex-wife Daa Horkov wrote in the book About Paul, she showed the boy’s cruelty and cold-bloodedness.

Jurek does not condemn the boy. For Jurek, like the author elsewhere, Bh is just one nominee in his world. And according to that, the world’s breeding center he sm. I quote: He was in the scout, but he was far from the rubbish. He was in KS, but he was not a communist. He was on the chart, but he was not a chart artist. He had children, but he did not become a father.

This harsh diagnosis of his wife stands in stark contrast to the information from his diary, which he wrote from his childhood to the end of his life: he died in 1989. The first three volumes were published by Torst and in them we are among the writings from 1966 vtu: I am intimate, I am quiet, I am tactful, etc. taste.

In particular, he originally wanted to be like that at the age of 31, and most of all he wanted to leave a picture behind, even though he disproved it with his films and later changes and later diary entries: I recognize only heaven and only heaven. There I am a god and there is my rj, in which no one has ever entered. It’s m j. It’s quite a long time in me, even if I both get lost, but it’s important to me. Foreign entry He knew that a real artist must cultivate his originality expensively.

But the first of these beliefs, from the inability to a real sense of great feeling for anyone, not only for the cat but also for all the people involved, disproved his uniqueness and his talent. From the day after 1970, when he was released from Barrandov and did not make films, when he could not be a foreigner, he is the only city where he handles the world. Where after all, where is the salvation with the demons, where he matures them all, but who is liberated and who is most satisfied with his pin, except sex and alcohol.

Pavel Jurek, probably the most talented Czech director of the so-called Czechoslovakian wool films, who could not compromise on the day, would turn 85 on August 2 this year. His films and diaries, the last to be released this year, clearly show the price extraordinary artists pay for their talent and are often unbearable for their surroundings.

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