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OVERVIEW: These products help against coronavirus, pharmacists recommend

According to ČLNK, this is still the basis for prevention against Covid-19 hand disinfection and compliance with hygiene rules. “Frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and running hot water should be a matter of course. In the current epidemiological situation, it is advisable to use a suitable hand sanitizer (liquid or gel), which will neutralize foreign microorganisms,” the House said. It is a good idea to consult your pharmacist when purchasing this medicine.

When coughing, it is recommended that you use a handkerchief, sleeve, scarf or forearm, but do not place your hand in front of your mouth. “Part of the prevention of the transmission of respiratory diseases is to wear appropriate protective equipment (draperies and respiratory protection) that covers not only the mouth but also the nose,”

; the chamber added.

Preservatives and how to care for them

Another important part is strengthen immunity. “As part of supportive therapy leading to increased non-specific immunity, the use of vitamin D, beta-glucans, zinc and selenium may be recommended. Always in the recommended daily dose, consult your pharmacist,” explained pharmacist Vilma Vranová from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Masaryk University in Brno. need about three to five weeks. More information about zinc can be found in this article on the pharmaceutical drip portal.

“Coronavirus disease can be prevented even when the virus enters our body. As part of supportive and symptomatic treatment, it is possible to use the effect of licorice soft, bitter coarse and geranium extract. In practice in the first phase of the disease, even with dry cough, “it has been shown to be successful in administering mucolytics (drugs that support the removal of mucus) that contain acetylcysteine ​​or bromhexine,” Vranová added. A complete list of recommended drugs can be found in the gallery at the end of the article.

Pharmacist also recommends get rid of everything that the body loads unnecessarily, ie inflammation and extra pounds. “It is advisable, if possible, to treat all chronic inflammations that unnecessarily occupy our immune system. If you suffer from urinary tract inflammation, prostatitis or inflammation of the teeth, focus first on their treatment,” said Martin Kopecký, vice president of CLK.

Being overweight is also dangerous. “In obese patients, dying fat cells cause chronic inflammation of mild intensity and thus activate proinflammatory cytokines. These, in layman’s terms, do not focus entirely on dealing with common infections such as sepsis or Covid-19 infection.” It does not matter how many kilograms we lose, but it’s the beginning of the weight loss process itself, “Vranová explained.

GALLERY: Recommended drugs

Over-the-counter medicines to support the treatment of cough and other coronavirus symptoms:

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