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Otter and Sparta? The negotiations took place in the winter. But Rosický does not hide his desire for Fabregas

In the summer, there was speculation that Matěj Vydra could return to the Fortuna League after years abroad, especially in England. Apparently both Prague S. were interested in his services, but few people know that the transfer of Otter to Sparta was a topical issue in the winter.

The transfer policy in Sparta is currently mainly ordered by sports director Tomáš Rosický, who has extensive experience of English football. He is also aware of the qualities of Matěj Vydra, who works in the highest competition in Burnley. During his career he started in several first-league and second-league clubs in England, he also played in Italy and Belgium.

In Sparta, he would probably be the first striker. This is currently Libor Kozák, who also received the captain̵

7;s bracelet after Martin Frýdek’s departure, and Benjamin Tetteh is a replacement, but he will leave Sparta according to all he can not see. The question then is whether Lukáš Juliš, who spent the spring part of the season visiting Olomouc, where he did well, will stay in the staff.

But for Sparta, Otter would be a player in the baseline at the expense of Kozák and in the staff instead of Tetteh. He really is a standard football player above, who is also in his prime at the age of twenty. He only competes occasionally in Burnley and has never succeeded in the Premier League and has always shown his best performances in the second highest championship.

Unfortunately, his arrival is not on the agenda. “Matěj’s qualities are fantastic. revealed Rosický. “Matěj Vydra was close to moving to us during the winter transfer window. It did not work at the last minute after Burnley were injured by their strikers. Otherwise Matěj would probably have come to Sparta to host,” revealed a former player in Sparta, Dortmund and Arsenal.

Oteren is simply not coming to Letná this year. Rosický answered this question on a spartan website, where he answered questions from fans. One of them remembered that the legendary midfielder Cesc Fabregas, who is apparently currently looking for an engagement, would probably end up in Monaco this year, and since he rolled with Rosický in the Arsenal reserve, he also asked about his possible arrival at Letná.

“Of course I would like Fabregas to play for Sparta, but it is impossible for many reasons. The players have no relationship with our club and the main reason is of course finances. We can never reach these players and unfortunately they will not do it for friendship for me. “ revealed Rosický. And so far, many overpaid foreigners in the team have not worked for Sparta, even though Fabregas is a completely different caliber than players like Biabiana, Mavuba, Mandjeck or Ben Chaim …

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