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ONLINE: Deputies handle the situation in the Karviná region

09:25 “Citizens turn to me. They are troubled by slander and the spread of panic and terror,” Hanzel said, adding that people are condemned by all other Czechs.

09:24 – The government was also criticized by the former mayor of Karviná and the Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies and CSSD Deputy Tomáš Hanzel.

09:20 – According to the deputies, the government did not want to close the OKD mines, as it is a 100% state-owned company and a large financial loss would occur. Ministers have not yet responded.


7 – Bartošek asks the government and ministers when they learned that up to 20 percent of OKD are infected, how they tested and why there was no extensive testing.

“How is it possible that the 950 positive results in the Karviná region did not activate powerful measures by the government,” Bartošek asked, referring to the closure of the Uničov region, which closed for 14 days in March.

09:14 – Jan Bartošek, chairman of the KDU-ČSL alternates, spoke and thanked the alternates for all parties for supporting the negotiations.

09:03 – In addition to the situation in the Karviná region, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (JA) should inform deputies on the government’s position in the forthcoming European Union Reconstruction Fund. The People’s Party called for it.

09:00 – The sitting of the Chamber of Deputies has begun.

08:55 – Klusová even wrote two letters to Andrej Babiš and Finance Minister Alena Schillerová, but they remained unanswered.

“I am sorry that the government became intensely interested in this only when the situation in the Karviná region affected the holidays of other Czechs,” Klusová added.

08:51 – Even before the start of the meeting with the Chamber of Deputies, the pirates held a press conference on the situation in the Karviná region.

“The situation in our country is very serious and we do not feel that the government has it under control. Miners warned of the risks of spreading the disease in March,” Zuzana Klusová said at a press conference, leading the regional candidate for pirates in the Moravian-Silesian region and comes from the region.

8:50 – ON-LINE reporting begins.

KDU-ČSL’s proposal to convene an extra meeting is supported by the opposition parties and the government of the CSSD and the ANO. The meeting begins at 9 am Politicians criticize the fact that the company did not stop the break in time. The mines were not closed until early July, although the region had requested this for a month. OKD belongs to the state.

“It will be about how the Ministry of Health handles the situation in Karviná. The Minister of Health has obviously caused major problems for the government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Vojtěch Filip, President of KSČM, on Tuesday, after the measures taken by some states and removed the Czech Republic from the list of safe countries.

The miners are not to blame

The People’s Party in turn refuses to blame the miners. “14 days ago, we asked how the government is handling the situation in OKD, and they did not respond to us,” their leader Marian Jurečka said at Tuesday’s press conference.

“It is disgusting to the way Minister Vojtěch and the Prime Minister apologize and present themselves as alibis, seductive epidemiologists, hygienists and miners,” said Fiala.

The pirates will also require that all OKD employees and their households be tested.

Among other things, the deputies want the government to explain how the Czech Republic is prepared so that a similar local outbreak does not occur again. “It simply got our attention then. We can’t just keep quiet, the government has to say what further action it has in the future,” the People’s Party leader said on Tuesday.

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