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Once scared, other times cool. The differences between car services are huge

We compared two Prague cars. Paradoxically, it was more expensive in our test.

Cars are shared in Prague. Last year, car owners re.volt, which offers Chinese electric cars, this year with the addition of Anytime with the hybrid Toyota Toyota Yaris. Both companies offer a small share of their cars without a registration fee. We both tried. But the feeling of driving was a big difference.

Our registration is still waiting for us before the test. For both services, you need a smart phone with an application that you first upload your personal and driving license and take yourself with your documents. Then you have to wait for approval. For at any time it is about ten minutes, we had to wait two days for a recharge. This is his first drawback.

Cars open the map to show the available cars in Prague, the zones there They can be returned and after clicking on the appropriate car, its status, especially the area that is particularly important for electric cars. Conversely, anytime with the Toyota Yaris Hybrid offers the ability to refuel and get credit. The electric car is right where the map shows, just click on "unlock" and the car opens. But it is not a full-fledged car, which is revealed by the missing license plate in front. Legally, it is a quad.

 You will feel very vulnerable in transport. "Title =" You will feel very vulnerable in transport. "Class =" w600 "data author =" Jan Markovič "/> [19659003] We drive from Vinohrady to Karlín and pay 6 CZK per minute for a fare, which is pretty much for a lame but rather unstable truck, even though the service is available from the end of last year we are in the center, and it gives rise to smiles, maybe even taunts. </p>
<p>  Driving characteristics are of course not so good, it is not advisable to go quickly into a curve, the car is quite cracked and the electric motor is noisy, we did not feel good among the "adult" cars, we were worried. a bump and we guess the car and possibly its crew would not work well, we do not feel good about the cramped cottage, nothing fits into </p>
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  No hitch and hobby car there is no cabin in the market!

Towing for a new car? Sometimes it costs a few dollars, sometimes tens of thousands

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We reached the finish line. n manually indicates the remaining battery level. The following users must rely on this information. The trip to Karlín was worth over a hundred, but that is due to transportation. You can do it faster and then save. It's definitely cheaper than a taxi, but it still pays off. The result? We are happy to have a trip behind us.

The second day and the trip with the second service. Whenever used on the line from Vinohrady to Modřany, where the motorcycle is picked up for the test. The exhibition room is a bit unreasonable, so the Yaris hybrid suits us. The car is about in place, even though we were waiting for it across the street. After unlocking, the driver has another three minutes to walk around the car and check the documents or drawbacks. Then he confirms that everything is in order and can sit down.

At any time, a basic duty of 5 CZK per minute is offered. The crown difference comes to a rainbow on a longer journey, one hour means a 60 CZK lower cost. Yaris is against a Chinese electric car like Rolls-Royce against an older Fabia. The car is new, just over 600 km. Sufficient space for four, regular bag, automatic, just a full size car. So we go to the destination in a cool way and pay a little over a hundred, this time for a kilometer longer ride. Southern Clutch was free.

 Inside without a single defect. Just a regular compact car. "Title =" Inside without a single defect. Just a regular compact car. "Class =" w600 "data-author =" Jan Markovič "/> </p>
<p>  At any time, other advantages, the zone where cars can be returned occupy almost all of Prague, only marginal parts are omitted where it would be difficult to find someone who takes the car back to the middle, the service re.volt invented the zone as two bubbles in the middle, so you will not be too far with it.The car is cheap when it is not interested in it for a long time, which can be a minute or two crowns and then the journey is cheaper than in public transport. getting a short purchase and going back to the car without anyone else leaving it. </p>
<p>  Whenever full line wins, offers cheaper service, full cars and useful zones In addition, the car is much more in Prague, and the more expensive re.volt service is suitable for those who want to have fun, try it once and forget about it, or for tourists who want to diversify their movement around the center with an unusual pastime. electric motorcycle in the colors of the heels, but it was not free at the test. </p>
<p>  But the comparison showed something else. Carsharing as such is an interesting alternative to city transport. It lies between public transport and Uber. But it has a big problem. The car is not enough to always be available. Logically, this does not mean that if you drive to the destination you will be able to leave for two hours. Then it is always a good idea to think about other back-up modes. </p>
<p>  <strong> For more information about our test including application samples, see the commented gallery. </strong></p>
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