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O2 sets new TV tariffs without commitment

As of November 1, O2 introduces an improved offer for O2 TV and Internet at home in the form of duty-free duties. Another innovation applies to Internet at home HD, which the operator offers O2-TV for free.

Home internet with O2 TV free and CZK 200 per month

O2 will offer new tariffs for internet connection from November. They will also be free and with no time limit will become the basic variant of O2 TV Modrá, which contains 34 channels, of which 22 channels are of high HD quality. In addition, O2 has prepared a CZK 200 discount for new home internet customers during the first six months.

“Customers who receive Internet HD Silver and above will receive a basic version of O2-TV for free. There will be independent stations as well as selected movie, children's and documentary channels. They can try the benefits of digital TV for free, like watching or pausing the show, while avoiding the worry of switching to DVB-T2, ”describes Richard Siebenstich, Head of Business Department at O2.

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The new TV tariffs for O2 will offer dozens of programs including the best sports. "During the last four years we have significantly strengthened the content of our O2 TV due to high investments in O2 TV Sport has also been added to O2 TV Football, O2 TV Tennis and Premier Sport. We offer unmatched sports content on the market, "says Richard Siebenstich

 O2 [19659008] The O2 TV offer consists of three tariffs - the basic O2 TV bronze provides a transverse mix of 63 channels (27 HD) including O2 TV Sport, for CZK 299 per month. For CZK 449 per month, customers can receive 101 channels (45 HD) in the O2 TV Stříbrná tariff. It will include the channels O2 TV Tennis, O2 TV Football, Premier Sport and other film, series, documentary, children and sports programs. Adult viewers can now also enjoy a chosen adult channel. The highest O2 TV-Zlatá tariff is an offer for the most demanding viewers. The price includes all HBO channels, including HBO OD / GO, other premium movie stations, the world suite of foreign language programs and a variety of adult channels.
<p>  The tariffs now allow you to subscribe to O2 TV on an unlimited number of devices. In the basic version it will be possible to watch TV at once on a device. Customers who want to use O2 TVs on multiple devices can purchase the Family Watch package for CZK 100 per month. This allows you to watch O2-TV simultaneously on three devices simultaneously, including set-top boxes.
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Existing O2-TV customers can continue to use their existing duties or go to a new menu. From November 30, 2019, the tasting of Premier Sport will stop at the existing O2 TV L and O2 TV XL fares. The best island football will be in the new O2 TV Stříbrná and O2 TV Zlatá customs. The O2 TV Sport Pack also remains in the O2 offer, giving CZK 5 per month to five premium sports channels (O2 TV Sport, O2 TV Football, O2 TV Tennis, Premier Sport, CT Sport).

at home and O2 TV in O2 Spolu package. Thanks to the combination of services, customers can save hundreds of dollars a month. For example, the O2 package along with unlimited data, unlimited calls, home internet and O2 TV including exclusive sports and the HBO channel, which is available free of charge up to 1.7.

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