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Navalny could be poisoned by the newcomer himself, Putin said

In an interview conducted on the initiative of the French party on September 14, about which both the Kremlin and the Elysee Palace had not yet provided incomplete information, Putin said that Navalny could have seen the newcomer himself for an unspecified reason. According to the letter, he also stated that the composition of this poison is not as complex as previously mentioned, although it is not even proven that the novelty was used to poison Navalný.

However, the poisoning of a nerve agent from a group of beginners was confirmed by laboratories in Germany and on the day of the interview also by specialized laboratories in France and Sweden, independent of the German investigation.

The Russian president also suggested that the investigation could focus on tracks leading to Latvia, where, according to him, one of the novice manufacturers lives. However, he did not specify who it was, and as Le Monde points out, more Soviet researchers are associated with the development of the poison.

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Macron stressed that the news could not be used by a private organization, and therefore an official explanation arose. Putin then called Navalny just an internet thug who had previously simulated ill health and used his anti-corruption fund to blackmail elected government officials. Putin explained the absence of an official investigation by saying that French and German experts who had examined poisoning in a laboratory did not communicate with Russian specialists. According to the newspaper, Macron immediately rejected the proposal to investigate the Latvian footprint and the hypothesis that Navalny was deliberately poisoned.

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Vladimir Putin told his French counterpart: “Navalny could have swallowed this poison himself. “Good version. I think it deserves the closest study. I cooked”

; Novichok “in the kitchen. He took a soft sip from a flask on the plane. I fell into a coma. Before that, I agreed with my wife, my friends and colleagues that if the Ministry of Health insisted that I be taken to Germany for treatment, they would in no way allow me to do so. “- that was the ultimate goal of my cunning plan. But Putin surpassed me. He just can not be fooled. As a result, I lay like a fool in a coma for 18 days, but did not reach my goal. The provocation failed!

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Navalny responded to Putin’s accusation on his Instagram account with the words: “Good version. So I cooked a newcomer in the kitchen. I drank it discreetly from one plane to another. I fell into a coma. My goal with a smart plan was, of course, to die on Omsk Hospital and come to the Omsk morgue, where they would say “he had lived long enough” as the cause of death. He surrounded me. You do not just catch him. So in the end I went like a jerk in a coma for 18 days, but I still did not get my goal. The provocation did not work! “

The opposition leader crashed on a plane on August 20 and returned from Siberia to Moscow. Unconsciously, he was first treated in Omsk. Following international pressure and encouragement from his family, he was transported to the Charité Clinic in Berlin. Russia has not yet launched a formal criminal investigation into the case and says it must first investigate more evidence.

Navalny’s health continues to improve. In recent days, he has shared photos on his Instagram account that show him walking up the stairs or on the balcony with his wife Julia.

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