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Natural defense against viruses: the best herbs and spices

The coronavirus was intensified and the cold and flu season is approaching. How to avoid viruses and diseases in general? Learn which herbal remedies will boost immunity and provide your body with ammunition to eliminate unwanted microorganisms. We will give you advice on how to do it and still enjoy it!

What are natural antiviral drugs

Antivirotic chili virus drugs are drugs that either block viruses from entering the cell or prevent them from multiplying. And these include herbal remedies, such as herbs and spices. “Unlike conventional drug products that target a specific disease, many herbs can be considered as antiviral broad-spectrum, and all are very effective,”

; says David Frej, co-author of the book. A world of natural antiviral drugs.

Making tea, inhaling or a few drops of tincture from herbs and natural ingredients is good when you are already ill and do not have much appetite. But what to do to prevent it? We present you not only effective but also very good alternatives.

1. Black without

This popular plant relieves flu, fever and a strenuous cough, but its scope is much broader: it has been treated toothache, jaundice, kidney problems and digestion. The flower, fruit and young bark contain many essential oils, tannins, glycosides and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Flowers and fruits are abundant a source of vitamin C.which support the treatment of viral diseases. And the researchers also showed the ability of fresh elderberry juice to suppress respiratory problems associated with viral infection, strengthen the immune system and block the replication of influenza virus.

Elderberries, which are harvested at least until the end of September, can be used to make great and healthy elderberry juice and liqueur. In the spring, the white flowers from which it is made are picked again elderberry syrup, older vinegar, sparkling wine and juice and even favorites hairy.

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Black without strengthens the immune system and prevents the virus from multiplying

2. Turmeric

Favorites and healthy spices Also known as Indian saffron, it strengthens the immune system and liver, relieves chronic cough and inflammation of the throat and tonsils. In combination with honey, it is also suitable for after, eczema or skin inflammation. Contains a strong antioxidant curcuminwhich helps with depression and supports the effects of antibiotics and the treatment of cancer. Plus you whitens the teeth!

3. Horseradish

Horseradish is a classic part of the European diet and is called European ginseng. Do you like its strong taste? Treat yourself as often as possible. It has twice as much vitamin C as lemon and also contains vitamin A and B vitamins intestinal microflora and promotes digestion, but avoid it if you suffer from duodenal or gastric ulcer. Horseradish strengthens the immune system, dissolves mucus, is suitable for colds and flu and is an effective prevention of viruses in the upper respiratory tract. And get it even if you do not have enough exercise – it speeds up your metabolism.

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Horseradish is excellent not only fresh but also in sauce. You just can ‘t fix it!

4. Garlic

The best for the end. As a prevention and part of the treatment of viral diseases, garlic is really a tadpole. Strengthens immunity, helps to heal influenza, acts against viruses, bacteria and parasites. “Even during World War II, fresh garlic juice was used as an antibiotic,” says Josef Jonáš in the book Natural antibiotics and antivirals in the kitchen. It contains about two hundred beneficial substances and many of them remain in dried garlic (but drying loses some vitamins).

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