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Microsoft offers to download its upcoming Windows Terminal for Windows 10

Microsoft first introduced its new command line application, named Windows Terminal, in a test building earlier this year. Its task is to combine the traditional command line (cmd), PowerShell and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

So far, it has been possible to download a new program from GitHub, but to make it work, it was necessary to compile it first. From Saturday, June 22, it is easier for those interested in trying it, because Windows Terminal can now be downloaded and installed from Microsoft Store .

a number of improvements. For example, developers have been inspired by the movie for browsers that can open multiple pages in a single window and the new application supports multi-card work.

Note that the released version is just a preview and does not provide all functions . So, to get access to all the customization options, the JSON file has been relatively rough. For example, you can change the background image this way, and you can also use your own graphic themes.

The new Windows terminal will also support graphics cards, Unicode and UTF-8, and emoticons will be happy to support emoticons. Microsoft has already shown a video with DirectX-based text rendering

Microsoft promises

Microsoft has promised to release the preview of Windows Terminal in mid-June, which it did with a little delay. Developer Kayla Cinnamon notes that this is the first of several planned versions of thumbnails to be released this way. . In future versions, Terminal will be a new, modern, fast, efficient, powerful and productive application for all command-line tools.

Developers are now working on creating a consistent schedule to provide test buildings. The final version, called Windows Terminal 1.0, is expected in winter . You can track progress on the appropriate GitHub page.

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