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Live from Wolfsburg: Volkswagen introduces the new Golf

Here you go! After long months of waiting we finally got to see.

Live broadcast from Wolfsburg will start around 6:30 pm, but the event in connection with the unveiling of the new VW Golf should begin around 7pm and it will take about two hours. It can be assumed that even before the long-awaited news is revealed, we will learn some facts about the history of one of the car's best-sellers, which already accounts for more than 35 million units.

premiered on five new models and the seven previous generations. The background will consist of a really gigantic (20 meters wide and 5 meters high) wall consisting of 790 LED modules with 16 381 440 pixels to give an impressive show.

And while the design of the new generation of Golf is not revolutionary, there are more than enough changes under the hood and in the interior. The new golf is entering a digital era, which was also revealed by recently released images of its interior. While simpler, it will offer significantly more features, services and options through the new digital instrumentation and infotainment. However, we know from personal experience that golf control remains useful, clear and simple.

When on the road, drivers can look forward to using a variety of assistance and safety systems, some of which come as standard. However, for an extra fee, it is possible to take Golf's skills to the level of higher models. From pure combustion to mild hybrid to plug-in hybrids. There will be four-wheel drive, manual and automatic DSG gearboxes and lovers of sharp driving will also get GTI variants. There will also be a freight variant, but the purely electric and three-door version will disappear.

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