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“Let’s acknowledge the bad history of society,” Harry told Meghan. The British are furious

“Many have done a lot of work to acknowledge crimes that have occurred in the Commonwealth in the past and have tried to correct them. But I think much more needs to be done.” Harry said seriously during the discussion about the Queen’s commonwealth confidence.

According to him, the process of recognizing historical errors will be difficult, but it is necessary, because in the end everyone will benefit from it.

“We cannot go forward like the Commonwealth unless we recognize our past.” Harry said during a debate about historical injustice as the slave trade.

In addition to him, his wife Meghan also participated in the discussion. For example, she thought about how the Commonwealth can support young people.

Prince Harry supports his wife's decision.

“Equality does not delay anyone, it puts us all on the same level, which is a fundamental human right,” for example.

The Sussex couple encountered again. In the discussions, the furious British Cup of Harry and Meghan for both of them fleeing the royal family and the country, and now they are wiping away her past.

Experts also agree that Harry should refrain from making such lewd comments with a political subtext.

“I am surprised that he is making a statement. I do not agree with what he says. We should look to the future, not to the past. As someone who has left the royal family, he should focus on his own life and not interfere in politics.” British politician Andrew Rosindell told Mail Online.

“The two left the royal family because they wanted to live in Hollywood and take care of themselves. It’s okay. It’s their choice, their life. But if they start attacking the commonwealth and the head of the commonwealth is the queen, then they start a tough political fight Then they must expect that they will be criticized for such things, to my right, the well-known journalist and moderator Piers Morgan joined.

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