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Legend Dana Medick was able to make the girls laugh, enchant and impress

It often created a woman uneasy, current and inner strong. In memory of the girls of Medick as the mother of the series Such a Normal Family, different Dr. Fastov from the hospital on the outskirts of the city, theater and movies Slvka from the Roman village of Msce nad ekou, Lza from Obchodnka’s detm and Matka Kur. In front of the camera, the actress also attracted attention along with her longtime friend Karel Hger in the production of Romeo and Juliet in late November (1971) and in the film Okliv slena (1


Medick drank her acting, since after the August occupation of 1968, she handed in her party ID. However, the communist regime failed to erase it from the girls’ hearts. The master of Medick was Koi, a theater venue by the Hungarian playwright Istvňrkny, who performed at the National Theater in 1974 and 1982 and had 403 replayings. Coca, as the well-known family knew it, became a sensation of Prague’s cultural life.

Pbh for the two stiff Orbnov sisters, one living in socialist Hungary and the other in western Germany, became a major actor’s concert by Medick and her colleague Vlasta Fabianov. If Medick was not killed in January 1983, until then, the most likely play at the National Theater would have broken the record. The record in the sweat was repeated in this theater, and in the fall of 2008 Miroslav Donutil played the title role in Goldoni’s comedy The Servant of Two BCs; last and at the same time the 600th revival of production took place in December 2016.

Medick was born in Prague (1920). She had no genes in her families, her father worked as an ethnic and her mother was at home. For eight years she played in the amateur association in the falcon in Bubeni’s crack. At the conservatory, where her father released her and after graduation, but she only went out for a year. The students did not hurt them, after which she longed so much. In the spring of 1940, she joined the provincial theater in Brno, where she first met Vlasta Fabianová, who became a lifelong girlfriend.

In 1942, Medick went to the theater in Pilsen, and before the theater was closed down by the Nazis, he played in Urania. She made her film debut in 1943 in the movie Skaln plemeno and a year later she portrayed the last woman in comedy Poestn pan pardubick to travel Martina Frie. After appearing in the Vinohrady theater and in municipal theaters in Prague (1954 and 1959), the Medick wolf did not land in the Golden Chapel in 1960. She then performed in the National Theater until the end of her life.

Her husband Vclav Vydra mlad (1902 and 1979) was also an actor and director. Their oldest son Vclav did not live to be a year old. Ten years later, in 1956, their second son Vclav (the wife of actress Jana Boukov) was born, who is today the successor to the actress family Vydr. He is the author of a book about his mother called Vae Dana Medick. Hereka once married in 1981 to Artemia Ugarte, a merchant from Spain, who was one of her admirers and studied in Czechoslovakia.

Their marriage took just over a year. Medick died of heart failure on January 21, 1983, aged 62, the day after her return from Budapest, where she finished a film by director Jnos Vszi, The End of Sight. It meant its simple existence as opposed to all evil and misery. That is why the whole nation loved her, which is why nobody even wants to say goodbye to her today. It provided the ultimate art, but it was so good for life, director Petr Weigl wrote after her temporary departure.