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Large and small Alder Lake cores allow for up to 12 combinations of stationary cores

Although there are 20 theoretical combinations (8 + 0/2/4/6/8, 6 + 0/2/4/6/8 and so on for 4 and 2 large cores), Intel only expects the fatigue of all mathematical possibilities configurations with 8 and 6 large cores. Only some possible configurations with 4 and 2 large cores will be used. Although Intel claimed in the original image that it contained 8 + 8 and 6 + 0 … configurations

… These values ​​seem to have served as possible examples rather than as a complete list to enable specific chip designs. List the desktop PCI_DEVICE_ID Age Lake-S lists the following options:

  • 8 + 8
  • 8 + 6
  • 8 + 4
  • 8 + 2
  • 8 + 0
  • 6 + 8
  • 6 + 6
  • 6 + 4
  • 6 + 2
  • 6 + 0
  • 4 + 0
  • 2 + 0

If we realize that in the current generation, where Intel only has 5 options when it comes to configuring the number of cores (2/4/6/8/1

0), it has created a total of 36 models with different configurations of HT, cache, clocks, TDP and graphics, then with 12 possibilities for the number of cores, when you use HT, cache, clock, TDP and graphics configurations, they open up unimaginable possibilities for differences and nuances. However, these twelve options do not easily fit into the traditional division into Celeron / Pentium / Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7 and Core i9. It is therefore possible that the nomenclature changes as in the mobile segment, where characters informing about the graphics configuration were added to the number series after “Core iX”. Instead, it can be a value that informs about the number of small cores. For example, Core i9-1188 would have eight small cores, Core i9-1180 no small cores. Or Intel will do it completely differently.

However, the current spectrum is so wide that it would not be surprising if certain configurations just remained in the test state and did not enter the mainstream market. All the mentioned variants for the desktop will be equipped with basic GT1 graphics.

Age Lake-Pwhich is considered a mobile line will offer better GT2 graphics. The PCI_DEVICE_ID enumeration lists the following possible processor core configurations:

There are also codes for chipset versions, which should be available in variants marked as Premium, Super, Base and Mainstream, which will not tell us much. Integrated graphics can be GT2, GT1 or GT0 (off).

Skylake palm
Skylake Cannon
Ice Lake Tiger Lake Alder Lake
(+ Gracemont)
Diamond Rpds
Kaby lake Lakefield
(+ Tremont)
Rocket Lake
(Cypress Cove)
Granite Rapids
coffee Lake Spring Hill Sapphire Rapids
CFL rfrsh
Whiskey Lake
Amber Lake
Cascade Lake
Comet Lake
Cooper Lake

Overview of generations according to x86 architecture
rather or clean desk: yellow
rather or purely mobile: green
rather or pure server: red

10nm generation Alder Lake (at least on the desktop) will replace the 14nm generation Rocket Lakestarting sometime during the winter of 2020/2021. Rocket Lake, equipped with modern processor and graphics cores, will offer better technical equipment than the current one Comet Lake, the last derivative Skylaku. Rocket Lake however, according to the available information, it will only provide 8 processor cores, so it will probably not compete with the AMD Ryzen 9 series. Alder Lake, which is expected within about five quarters, will leave eight large processor cores, but with a significantly higher IPC, and will be supplemented with up to 8 Atom cores of the latest generation.

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