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Kuciak's killer wants an agreement on guilt and punishment

According to New Time, both work together to resolve the case and are to be set aside for a separate trial.

"I cannot confirm this information," said Szabó's defense attorney Ivana Kochanská. Martinček's lawyer Martin Endrödy refused to comment in any way. "Marcek and Szabo could theoretically receive a similar penalty reduction as Andruskó," admitted Róbert Bános. agreement on guilt and punishment. The agreement still has to be approved by a specialized criminal court. Andruskó can significantly reduce this penalty. New Time estimates he could spend eleven years behind bars.

"Only Marian Kocner (56) and Alena Zsuzsova (45) could sit on the bridge during the main proceedings," Novy čas pointed out. Kočner and Zsuzs allegedly pleaded murder to police. “The survey file has over 25,000 pages and dozens of attachments. The prosecution has 93 pages, ”says Jana Tökölyová, spokesman for the Special Prosecutor's Office. Marček acknowledged the murder during the investigation.

The Prosecutor for the Special Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against the four defendants in the case of the murder of a journalist and his fiancee in October this year. "Four young Marček, Szabó, Zsuzsová and Kočner face a murder case for the murder of a young couple," New Time said. 1

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