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Singer Milan Drobny has had a dispute with his colleague Karel Gott in recent years. After the Master's death, however, he acknowledged that God was a hero who had been faithful to him before his death and only spoke of him in good faith.

Tiny claims that his statements regarding Got's family and Charles himself, who presented the media, are taken out of context. "If someone wrote it normally, as I say it, I wouldn't say … But they write it as if they want to hurt a man," he told the seven.

He added that Gott is a hero to him because he voluntarily dropped out of treatment for acute leukemia. He must know that he would die without treatment.

"I think, and I have to say how everyone repeats that Charles was the best singer ̵

1; we all know that. But this, if he made that decision, is a hero," he said.

He added that he would do the same in his place because he did not want to suffer. "He really knew what he was doing. Besides, I think he had resigned it because he had faith, the Bible got read … He may have seen peaceful life elsewhere," he added to Seven.

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