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Joseph’s friends revealed imminent cancer! Jana figured it out herself

Josef was at the pool four months ago, where his friends first noticed the signs. He was in no hurry to see the doctor, but when he went to the water again, his friends told him that they thought they had another sign and that the doctor would really see him. Joseph felt completely well, but he went to the doctor. Eventually he found that he had a really growing melanoma on his right shoulder blade, a skin tumor that would need to be excised.

“Today I will be cut out, fortunately it was counted over time and melanoma is not yet in an advanced stage,” says Josef. Mrs Jana’s situation was different. Her signs appear and grow from an early age.

“I saw a tent against melanoma for the first time, there was a big queue, so I discovered that I could be tested at the clinic and I have been there regularly since then. But to go to the hospitals at that time, but because I am pregnant, I did not want to postpone it completely, so I came today, says Mrs. Jana.

Fortunately, both patients had the first step. But when the sign remains and itching or bleeding occurs over time, it is already a significantly advanced stage.

“The earlier the patient arrives, the better. In the early stages, a simple excision is sufficient and the patient heals,”

; says Petr Arenberger, director of the Royal Vinohrady University Hospital in Prague and director of the Dermatovenerological Clinic.

Men in their fifties and sixties are among the most at-risk groups for skin cancer. But it can appear to everyone, differently on the body.

Prevention is therefore crucial in this case without exaggeration. If you do not want to go directly to the hospital, use the Tent Against Melanoma option. You can review the pigment mark for free in three cities around the country. “On 14 and 15 September it will be at Wenceslas Square in Prague, on 21 September in Brno at Moravské náměstí and on 22 September in Ostrava in Avion Shopping Park, always from 10 to 18,” adds Petr Arenberger.

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