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Jokes have released a fake Tor Browser to the world. He now robs the Russians of bitcoins

Tor Browser is designed to protect surfers from potentially prying eyes by encrypting and anonymizing all browser communications through multiple intermediaries – much like anonymizing VPNs.

Similarly, anonymous websites and e-stores on the darknet survive in an alternative Tor network. So in stores where you buy even more fun toys than just a new computer mouse from Logitech.

Of course, in the gray zone relatively anonymous cryptocurrency is usually paid, since stores with illegal drugs, warez of all kinds or filled cocaine instead of cotton are usually PayPal

Fake Russian Tor Browser

So it was only a matter of time before the creators of all types of malicious programs targeted at these online stores. Now on the We Live Security blog, they devote a lot to Isis, who analyzed one of the fake Tor Browsers.

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Fake Web False Tor Browser

The browser is built on Firefox, edited and sent to a fake and in fact a slightly changed shape, so there is nothing complicated. Isis experts captured such a copy on Russian forums, and when they tried it, they found that they ran their own javascript code on every site they visited

Javascript Stealing Wallets

What did he do? They connect to their server and return additional code based on their current address to process on the page. Isis soon discovered that on several Russian darknet sites in the Tor network, this script downloaded code that falsified the bitcoin payment gateways.

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This script was run on every visited website in the modified Tor Browser

This means that when visitors wanted to make a bitcoin transaction changed the code recipient to a bitcoin handbag. Together, they managed to steal less than a million kronor.

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<p>  So if you want to use Tor Browser as an additional level of security for browsing, first make sure you do not fake it by mistake. After all, why fake phishing websites when it is more interesting to fake the entire browser and get full control? </p>
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