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Jiří Krampol (82) has already decided: WHY I CANNOT DO A FUNERAL HANCE!

The actor will organize a meeting with people who loved Hanka and were in contact with her until the last moment. “We will remember, we will not mourn, there will be neither a coffin nor an urn with ashes. I want us to have her eyes, how beautiful and happy she was. So that everyone can remember her from the better times, because she was a very good girl and she deserves to be remembered in the best light, ”Jiří Krampol explained his decision.. He has already paid a deposit for cremation and is trying to take care of all the necessities surrounding a person’s death. His boss Miloš Schmiedberger (72) is a great support for him, who follows him everywhere and negotiates with the authorities on his behalf. “There is a lot of paperwork around it, it is very difficult for the deprived,”

; Miloš complained. As early as this afternoon, Jiří should learn the full results of the autopsy and thus the real reason for Hanka’s sudden death. The actor intends to place the uranium in Hanča’s parents Jiří and Maria Kalistový’s grave only in the family circle.

Actress’ wife: She gave away her pet before she died
Hana Krampolová died († 59) found a married couple on their way to newly built happiness. After years of medical caroms, Hana thought she was okay and planned to return the family’s pets.

From the beginning of the problems, when Krampolová was several times in a psychiatric hospital in Bohnice, she stopped being able to take care of herself, let alone walk her family sweetheart, the Yorkshire woman Žanetka. The dog had to leave the house. The couple mentioned it to a friend, a veterinarian living outside Prague. “Now Hanka was planning to finally take the dog back and she was really looking forward to it,” she told the daily Aha! Krampolovy’s friend, doctor Ivana Němečková.

“She missed Žanetka, Jirka and I visited her often, and after Hanka’s return from the hospital they were just waiting for the hot summer to end. The dog is much better in the garden behind Prague than in the hot streets and apartment in Prague. From September would all be together again, “said Ivana Němečková. Unfortunately, it will no longer be fulfilled by Krampol, Hanka stopped abruptly on Monday night. Hanka and her husband had a Yorkshire Terrier for twelve years. “Jirka Žanetka had her seventieth birthday. We will not allow her, she is the family’s darling,” Krampolová said.

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Hanka’s only son Petr, whom the actor took as his own: Prohibition against seeing grandchildren
He has four sons. Jiří Krampol is the biological father of two now mature men and he married two. The paradox is that the real ones do not bear his last name and the other two, unlike them, are Krampols. One of them is Petr (40), son of the late Hanka († 59). Petra was the actress’ wife very early, 19 years old.

When Jiří married Hanička in 1993, Peter was only 13 years old. The relations between them were good. This is proved not only by the fact that he gave him his nice, but also by the fact that the latter lived with Petr and his family on Okora, which was bought to Jiří by his mother in 1988. Petr had a house, the actor and his wife a Other. They divided the country, rather Hanča’s son and especially his grandfather and grandmother, Hanča’s parents. When they died, they decided to sell the property to Krampol. Peter has already made them grandparents. “We gave Pete two million to buy a new home. In addition, Jiříček got him a job in a casino,” said Hanka Aha four years ago! with the proviso that when the son bought a house near Kladno, he stopped lending it to his grandchildren. She was very sad and Krampol was also angry at Peter for that. “He knows how Hanka hangs out with children and does not even invite her to visit,” Jirka said angrily. For example, Hanka did not see her grandson or granddaughter all year. Fortunately, relations have gradually recovered recently. The last time Hanka was at Bohnice Hospital and lost her life, Petr took her home. “We played a memory game with Lujzička and Divíšek. I was afraid they had forgotten me when we had not seen each other for so long. But they remembered me, they immediately ran and called my grandmother,” Hanička rejoiced. And she was looking forward to going to her son in August. Unfortunately, this will no longer happen.

He does not associate with his own
Jiří Krampol has biological sons Tomáš and Jiří, with whom he has not had contact for many years. In addition, Tomas lives with his family in Australia. The actor gave the surname to Martin from his third wife Marta and to Peter from Hanka.

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