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Israeli popov hvzda Noa Kirel vymnila zi reflector for uniform armdy | SWT

Ra’anana (Israel) I’m nineteen years old, you can sing and especially love the crowds. Sell ​​the concerts and sign a contract with the American music label Atlantic Records as a cake unique. You’re on top, but then it’s a break. Stt vs lets you earn in arm. It’s not a set of new films, it’s a reality for Israeli singer Noah Kirel.

According to The Washington Post, Kirel has been in the spotlight since she was thirteen, and her videos on Youtube have gathered several million viewers. It appears in commercials and signs hit her. They do not even have TV programs. And so it may seem that he would escape the sight of the Israeli army.

In Israel, the salary for compulsory military service is for anyone 18 years of age or older. The length of service is currently for women of two years. And only six months ago, the series demanded a new star, Kir Kirii. We have always called future troops from different backgrounds, even the famous ones, said one of the officers from the army headquarters. The Clem army will call them all and find them a place where they can serve their own, he continued.


I felt I had to go on duty, Kirel said.

But Kirel also continues to devote herself to me. She was transferred to the so-called talent groups. For example, he appears before World War II. This does not mean that he does not participate in normal activities like everyone else. It’s not quite, but it’s my charm, the star of one of the conversations.

Kirel goes with the rest

Even if he plays in front of a much smaller audience, he will be happy. As she said herself, it meant a lot to her. But if she wants to do an interview, show up at a social event or shoot something for television, the military must have control over it. Abroad, she is referred to Elvis Presley, who was released in service at his fame in 1958.

I felt I had to go on duty to be the other treasure, Kirel said. I guess people from abroad probably do not understand, I did it for that, but it was clear to me that I have to, she added. Her boss Roberto Ben Shoshan said her decision affected her career, but something that made sense to her.

Kirel bag is not the only internet sensation that works in arm. The Israeli internet model Anna Zak, who, for example, has over a million followers on Instagram, connects her TV to a general news release. Or Gal Gvaram got an administrative job in the army, which allows her to remain active on social networks, where she has a total of over 400,000 followers.


Israeli hvzda Noah Kirel.

We do not place troops in the so-called groups for the gifted just because they are known on social media. But their employees are not indifferent, said one of the officers from the headquarters. Two were former Israeli armies in the city, where most celebrities began their careers. They played in that band. Over time, however, the commander of the saw group increased, and so they disbanded.

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