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Intel's Atom Tremont CPU core will first have an L3 cache

Intel Atom BGA processor (Generation Braswell)

The new Sunny Cove processor architecture, which will come in Intel 10nm processors (probably not only for laptops, on the desktop of the LGA 1200 platform), will bring quite large core changes probably much higher IPC than Skylake. In the 10nm process, however, Intel has a new "small core" for Atom chips, Tremont. This is much less known but it has leaked that Atoms with this architecture will provide a great improvement beyond the very core.

Documents coming directly from Intel indicate that Tremont Atoms will have the L3 cache for the first time It will be more advanced SoC than before. So far, all Atom only have L1 cache and L2 quay, similar to the APU from AMD before Ryzen 2000 / Raven Ridge. This has the disadvantage that, in addition to the traditional role, the L2 cache also needs to replace the last common divider cache. Because of this, she must have a higher capacity, but probably her latency and performance. In Tremont, however, there will be a separate single-core L2 cache and probably a common L3 cache for the entire SoC, which can improve performance.

The L3 cache for Tremont is in perfmon, an Intel-based open source profiling program. performance requirements. Intel has now been included in the perfmon support for SoC Snow Ridge, which is likely to be based on the Tremont cores and some information on the Tremont core. And this support includes a performance counter that monitors the number of cache errors from the L3 cache, which means that Tremont should have L3 cache. This counter is included directly in the program in the Tremont section.

  perfmon Table indicating L3 cache at Atom Tremont InstLatX64
perfmon: Table indicating L3 cache at Atom Tremont (Source: InstLatX64)

Please note that implementation of the Snow Ridge architecture may differ from how Tremont looks in pure consumer and mobile chips (Atom probably called Elkhart Lake with these cores. In theory, Intel could only use L3 in this server based network processor. However, Intel has not found one such. Atom company has already established three generations of server chips (Centerton / S1200, Avoton / C300, Denverton), but they only have L2 and mobile / PC atoms.

The L3 implementation may have been attached to the core design, and so the Atom for laptops and desktops (or low-end chips with This architecture, now called Celeron or Pentium by Intel, is also being improved, the L3 cache can be more powerful in games, for example, and integrated graphics can theoretically help. should work in Atom and what it will be able to do, but there is nothing specific yet.

Server SoC Intel Atom C3000

ARM has already reached the L3 cache recently

For example, the atom is compared to the competition from the ARM processor world. Cortex cores (and, for example, ARM architectures) also had only L2 for a long time. But for a few years, they've been working on a more advanced one-way L1 + L2 cache and shared L3 cache, which we know from large desktop or portable CPUs.

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Intel Atom Processor Cores Get the L3 Cache, It's in Tremont Information

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