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How to speed up fat burning is burned

2nd Increase fiber intake

Fiber creates a gel that slows gastric emptying as well as time to feed through the digestive tract. The individual thus feels much fuller. Another benefit of fiber is that it slows the absorption of sugar in the gut, which helps maintain low blood sugar. Thus, adequate fiber intake helps reduce cholesterol problems and regulates insulin production, especially when consumed in the morning

The recommended daily dose of fiber consumed is 30 grams, but is ideal if the individual does not eat it at once but in regular doses. To maintain daily fiber intake, the dietician recommends eating two slices of dark, baked bread, two servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables (one serving equals half a cup).

snacks, lunch and dinner. The fiber that is included in each dish will make you feel naturally fuller, making it even easier to regulate appetite and hormone leaching, ”Sussie Burrell recommends for the Daily Mail.

2nd Caffeine helps to start metabolism

Caffeine in any form helps stimulate your metabolism and is especially effective if you treat it in the morning. According to the dietitian, caffeine helps stimulate fat supply and suppress appetite. But this is how caffeine works in black coffee. If you add milk to your coffee, remember that the milk contains hidden sugars. The more you pour it into the coffee, the more you reduce this caffeine activity.

3rd Eating every sweet causes the desire for more

Many people prefer a sweet breakfast in the form of a variety of sweet pastries, banana bread or cocktails and smoothies. The problem, however, is that eating these foods in the morning increases insulin and thus appetite. This means that even if you consume a very good breakfast, you will soon taste something more, very likely sweet

4. Enough liquids during the day

In addition to drinking 2 liters of water a day, which makes you feel naturally full during the day, you can try to include green tea in your drinking regimen. Research has shown that green tea helps speed up metabolism while suppressing the appetite for sweets.

“You can also promote calorie burning if you drink very cold water during the day. Sipping cold to ice-cold water during the day will cause you to burn about 1

00 calories more than you drink at room temperature

5. Enough Vitamin C

The recommended daily vitamin C intake is 80 mg. (In cases of incipient virus, severe fatigue or cold, higher doses of 500 to 1000 mg are recommended.) According to Sussie Burrell, increasing it will burn the body much more fat. But do not try to increase the level of vitamin C supplementation alone, rather try to include more oranges, limes, peppers, broccoli and other fruits and vegetables that are rich in this diet.

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