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Hope for diabetics. The results of the study indicate that diabetes can be cured

Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. Every 11th person suffers from it and about 5 million people die each year from the consequences. In the Czech Republic, the number of diabetics climbs to 900,000.

According to estimates, 20 out of 20 people in the world will have diabetes, and in the Czech Republic the situation is no less worrying. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease caused by elevated blood sugar (hyperglycemia). Two main types of diseases include type 1 diabetes mellitus, usually found in children. It is caused by insufficient production of insulin, the pancreas hormone. But the vast majority of patients with diabetes (about 90%) are adult patients with type 2 diabetes. This is due to a decreased sensitivity of the tissues to insulin, which supplies blood and energy to the cells and organs of the body. Diabetes can also occur during pregnancy (so-called pregnancy diabetes), but disappears after childbirth. Blood glucose levels vary during pregnancy due to pregnancy hormones affecting pancreatic function. Although genetics affect the onset and development of diabetes, obesity and lack of exercise also increase the disease. Interesting results on this topic came from a study called DiRECT (Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial), whose preliminary results were published by British researchers at this year's Diabetes Conference in Liverpool. Shows that people suffering from obesity and diabetes of the other type not only helped to lose weight significantly but also eliminate the manifestations of diabetes in the short term low energy diet. More than one-third of patients who participated in the research maintained a daily energy intake of no more than 850 kilo-calories as nutritionally balanced products for three to five months and then consumed normal portions of food got rid of type 2 diabetes as early as the first year. one year after the end of the program. ”In the DiRECT study, it was shown that a reduction in body weight of more than 1

0 kg led to such an improvement that, in addition to dietary measures, no more oral antidiabetic drugs were needed. At the same time, other metabolic parameters as well as hypertension were stabilized. The main advantage was that this effect lasted long term even after the intensive intensive dietary diet was completed. However, it was also crucial to maintain long-term weight gain, ” and commented on the results of the study by Prof. MD. Vladimír Teplan, obesityologist and nephologist

Untreated diabetes can lead to blindness

The most common symptoms of diabetes include abnormal thirst and frequent urination, weight loss without dietary restrictions, fatigue and discomfort, or, in extreme cases, consciousness disorders. However, according to the latest reports from the Czech Institute of Health Information and Statistics, only about 70-80% of patients with diabetes visit. Untreated or ill-treated disease causes a number of associated health complications: vascular involvement in diabetes mellitus can be a predisposing factor for severe cardiovascular disease, stroke, liver failure, nephropathy (kidney disease) and neuropathy, usually nerve involvement, diabetic diabetes, a non-inflammatory disease of the retina. In the Czech Republic, more than 100,000 diabetics are involved and the number increases by about 2% each year. About 2,500 people have lost their eyesight right now. " Diabetes is the most common cause of blindness in people of working age in industrialized countries. A laser can save up to 90% of these people. But diabetics don't know much about the problem, says Lucie Valešová, chief physician at the Prague Clinic DuoVize. Another eye manifestation of diabetes is variable vision during the day. It is more common in young unknown or poorly controlled diabetics. It is caused by constant changes in dioptres, which are caused by varying blood sugar levels and subsequently in the eye. Diabetes also helps to develop cataracts

Prevention and collaboration with physicians is the most effective weapon

Diabetes is a curable disease nowadays, but it has accompanied patients throughout their lives. Modern therapies allow diabetics to live as good a life as healthy people, but it is primarily up to the patient's will to follow all treatment recommendations. Even if they are individual, each patient must always understand carefully why it is necessary to increase their physical activity, put on a balanced diet or lose weight the eye doctor explains MUDr. Marta Klementová. Practically, the only effective way to fight associated illnesses is to prevent and control your diabetes regularly, as instructed by your doctor: to maintain the necessary blood sugar levels (optimum 5.5 mmol / l) and avoid dramatic ups and downs. It is also recommended to monitor cholesterol and blood pressure. Eye exams are also important, which can soon detect the problem and thus stop the visual defect, or at least slow down its progress.

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