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Historian: What Mr Sosnarov has raised about Gulag will not go wrong. It has been seen that the people are stupid home

PRAHA In his study, historian Adam Hradilek pointed out the alarming inconsistencies in the memory of the Ottoman Empire Vry Sosnarov. From historians, the knowledge of gulag has never been, although years of conversation have been discovered with their screaming stories, not just in the Czech rounds. I was invited to one of them and I was very happy. But I found out that I saw a very full emotional session, Hradilek described in an interview with Lidovky.cz.

Lidovky.cz: You have revealed that PBH as it was or remembered by our Sosnarov did not actually go away.
I ran a few dozen conversations with gulags with colleagues. I had it, that in the Ukrainian archives podailo find documents that concern them, you write Soviet secret service NKVD. There they found information directly from the church and at least where the people were sent. So I had the opportunity to confront them with the rest of the others or with the documents found. She has helped a lot of Russian literature. Ppad Vry Sosnarov

Adam Hradilek

  • Studied history at the Technical Universities in Liberec and Student Humanities at Karl University
  • Odborn focuses on the persecution of Czechoslovak citizens in the Soviet Union, the study of Soviet work
  • In 201
    0, he published a monograph For Vai and Nai Freedom signed by a series of professional studies and exhibitions
  • Previously collaborated with hunters in the dark, eskm radio and organizer Post Bellum
  Historian Adam Hradilek

Lidovky.cz: How do you work with such material from human memory?
It is quite understandable that any memory, including vs or m, does not remember how it happened. Suppose to get the information we received during the life we ​​saw on TV and what we have somewhere. It is quite natural. The memorials are no exception and cannot be thrown out. The historian must approach them with some insight. But that doesn't mean I always throw the whole thing. On the contrary, I am very aware that they are willing to share their experience with them.

Lidovky.cz: How often do we have to remind ourselves of deviations in their incidents?
Is it always a matter of letting the witnesses lift the event to unleash their subjective pbh. Very often it is a distortion. I had conversations with my colleagues with the known eight statutes that protested against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968 at Rudmnest in Moscow. Kad remembered it a little differently. Make up, sometimes disagree. The fact is then somewhere in the middle, but it cannot be completely deadly for the vpovdi value. Pomhaj nm to understand how people have done it, to understand the history of unhappy hunters.

Lidovky.cz: How do I react to the evidence?
If the hunter knows something in his conversation, what compared to his sources pli nesed, it is good to pussy with it in the conversation and confront the confession with another. However, the reaction is individual. Someone apologizes for being an old grandmother and does not remember everything. On the other hand, it is hardly difficult to say that it happened exactly according to his words.

Lidovky.cz: The question of Vry Sosnarov is probably an extreme case. But how often do you meet with pbhy?
Pli no, and of course there is. From my head I remember two such cases where St Pbha's people adjusted. But it is not possible to compare it to the way Mr. Sosnarov adjusted his pbh. However, I would like to point out that this is not a unique specificity in relation to the Czech Republic. There are lots of the Holocaust in the Czech Republic, which has changed dramatically in the Czech Republic.
On the contrary. On the other hand, there are many positive results for Vra Sosnarov. The problem is that its pbh is consumed by hundreds of dt in Czech rounds. These children have to deal with the fact that they did not have to go away as they got. Thus, this time can be taught as a lesson from the critic Mylen.

  Hradilek (right) on

Hradilek (right) at the documentary film Slaves in Gulag. In your study you read that you were one of those conversations with Mr Sosnarová.
Before 2010, I talked about the case with the documentary Adam Drda and the author Vladimir Bystrov. I also spoke to Mr Sosnarov, who had been able to get a great deal with the Czech Republic for the time spent in Gulag. In addition, I picked up the Gulag call since 2006. In STR, we have not missed Sosnarov on skepticism. But it never happened to me that it would be possible to reconstruct the archive source. I thought she was in exile. But back to the initial shock. Sosnarov's book Blood Straws was always considered a fiction. But in recent years a new dynamic has run out and she has started to appear very often during discussions. I was invited to one of them and I was very happy. But I found out that I was witnessing a very full emotional session. Mr Sosnarov has told the stories that he has never been able to tell stories. Pechzela from prayers to pli and smích and cel sl in Letohrad did so with n. In the game everyone in the well bought their book and did not want to sign it.

Lidovky.cz: Have you talked to the organizers of the debate?
Shortly after the debates, I spoke to publisher Jim Brauner, who filed it. I wonder if it will make me naughty people abusing it, that they are built up for that which has no composition. He told me that PBH is full of contradiction, but his work iv. But for me it wasn't an argument, I told him, and he did it as an argument, but he didn't do those sessions. Then I heard from Jchym Topol from the Vclav Havel Library and wanted to know if I could mention one of her discussions as a historian. I told him it was nonsense and he interrupted the discussion. In the fall I learned that Mr Sosnarov continued in discussions and so I sent the first enough to go to the Soviet archive in November.

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Lidovky.cz: From the speed with which you went to the end, you judged that you were relatively easy
It is an excellent compliment to the archives. The value of the people praises the work of archive sources, but it is not again. Of course, it is mainly mt npady that should deal with. So I found you a nurse, Mr. Sosnarov Tamaru. On the other hand, the yellow turned out to be in forced labor, she had a party in it.

Lidovky.cz: Didn't Mr Sosnarov remind the fate of Jan Horal? He fought in North Africa for Nmcm in tank departments, but after the wolf he claimed to be a flier.
Yes, this is a very bad case. It is a hunter with a very colorful pbhem. He struck in Brigd's thoughts for Rommel in the British Army. Proel the whole anabz battle in North African pilgrimage. After the wolf became rich and became a great supporter and admirer of RAF Letc. Finally, he had some form of airman identity. Revenge was and smvn. He took a photo where he was in a uniform star near the tank and got stuck on Spitfires photo. On the other hand, he is with him and his colleagues. It was undoubtedly a very good hunter, but he never became a flier when he dreamed.

Lidovky.cz: But that was probably the case, e? A lot of Auschwitz will evacuate you, as Dr. Mengele stood on the ramp and the choice of vz. Let's say the ramp was not there and the selection marries the people, not just Mengele. But don't worry about it, they are small things. Their testimony does not doubt it. But the interview is on the subject.

Lidovky.cz: Did you meet Mr Sosnarov with negative reactions after opening the case?
I am not a social user, even in this particular service. But I drew about twenty letters, and they were all positive for one. The only one who negatively questioned me is that I do not realize the political responsibility and that I suffer from my work for the communist totality. It makes alternative news sites to Czech TV and so on.

Lidovky.cz: Did it against vs? I miss lto I can talk to a foreign trip. He told me about a similar pbhu from New York, where a rather famous holocaust memorial was seduced by false statements. He said he didn't want to publish it, so he wouldn't say you're questioning the Holocaust. On the contrary, we talked to him that he would first and foremost publish it. If it is untrue, it should come out and fight for the truth. I went to the same point regarding Mr Sosnarov. I do not know that such a case doubts a literary verb in the Gulag.

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