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He was in the national team, India and fighting cages. Pbramsk patriot Hen con

I want to play football below, but not at such a high level. I studied the coaching license and I would now like to work in that direction and quoted the website of the Slepik club in Brno.

I thank my family first, I take the coaches who led my curry, led by 1. FK Pbram, who always visited me and again gave me the opportunity to play top football. He gave a large number of fans to the fans who supported me during my career, added Slepika, who was able to give way in the top league after some injuries during the last season.

The expensive striker has had remarkable years behind him, and even in the advanced age of football, he has established himself at the highest level. During the 201

9/20 season, the jet jet dug 20 league passes for Pbram, but did not give up – for which he played St. Karari game. 197 starts in the domestic top competition, he hit 36krt.

The best season in Liberec, with which he celebrated the title and also included the qualifiers in the Champions League: he even helped with a goal to celebrate the 2: 1 triumph over AC Miln in 2002. And so in Spart, who bought it for twenty million million in 2005. The first in the summer team jersey Slepika had the most productive period, during the 2007/08 season, the cannon with twelve hits behind Vclav Svrko, wrote just about these glyc.

At that time he was at the top, as a former billionaire national team he managed to get invitations to the national darkness and under the leadership of Petr Rada he made two starts against Poland (loss 1: 2) and Northern Ireland (0: 0).

The sun shone on him for two and a half years in Dinam Zheb, then he drank a direction of unusual angam and stepped off the professional stage.

Slepika was a guest in the daily league in Frthu, then unexpectedly returned to Sparta, but ended up in his bk. He stayed at home in Pbrami for a while and then went on an adventure to the newly formed Indian League and the darkness of FC Goa.

After a year in India, it seemed like I was not thinking about the highest level of Slepik. He dug the tet-league in Psk, then the other in Tborsk and the regional A-tdu. And at the age of five, he also tasted the life of a fighter in a cage – he fell in love with MMA and even won an official trip, accompanied by the music of the controversial band Ortel. Soup knocked out in 84 seconds!

At that time, it was thought that Pbramsk drsk jet would appear in the first league. And the oven! Slepika, at that time a digger (again) for Tetiligov Psek, interrogated Josef Csapler, then coach of the then Pbrami, to help the mates club return to the highest competition.

He succeeded and Slepika managed to walk among the elite for two seasons, during which not even a broken ankle missed him in the end. He answered and now.