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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally out! Should Pokemons Worry?

Niantic Studio, known mainly for its popular Pokémon GO title, has once again improved. He merged with the owner of the Harry Potter brand Wizarding World and created the AR title Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We've played a game to find out what's so interesting about the game and why it's worth a try!

If you liked the Pokémon GO, where you hunted the Nintendo Universe monster from the open world, you will also enjoy the new "Harry Potter GO". The game will lead you to the role of a master's ministry that, like other players, has to deal with the disaster catastrophe, during which characters, objects and magical creatures from JK Rowling's world have entered the world of Muggle, the world around us. How else, to solve this problem and collect all leaked proprietors. You meet characters or magical creatures in every corner. To return to the world's lines and rods, just help them with a simple spelling, which you always do with your finger to draw the desired shape on the screen to create curse. The game begins by helping the figure of the high-warted, subtle Hagrid from the tangled cobwebs.

In addition to drawing spells on the screen and capturing the expanded reality around you, there are several game mechanics known from the Pokémon GO. You start by creating your own character, choosing your magic wand, college and, from the 6th level, the profession you hold in the ministry; The choice is from Auror (who specializes in defending black magic), carer of magic creatures or professor. In each profession you can then improve your level and with some skills that can improve your curse or something, and so on.

However, there are several desirable features that are missing, such as better fights, in the early stages of the game. The games are here, but only in special buildings for matches, where you always fight with either Death Eaters or with enemy magic creatures. The dueling system is not the worst, but it can make some improvements. In addition, PvP mechanics, that is, the ability to match a player against a player, which the game does not yet offer and other players, even if you are standing next to them, you cannot see.

Easy pains are acceptable, it does not destroy the game and so far it is possible improvements (we will keep an eye on the updates, editorial listing). Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available for both Android and iOS. In addition, it is completely free, but it must be noted that it is also riddled with micro-transactions, which must be counted. If you're so bored with pokemon hunting and you want to try something new, you also like the Harry Potter world, so go into Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – you won't make any mistake. Android, 19659008] AR, Harry Potter, Harry Potter: The Wizards Unite iOS, Pokémon GO, augmented reality [19659000]
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