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František Stejskal and Milan Trojánek: Veils help

This coming autumn, some of the public will try to protect themselves at least from the flu, in connection with which 1,500 people die every year. But it is not a self-saving solution. There are not enough vaccines and they will not prevent the disease one hundred percent. “Vaccination provides protection against possible serious complications of influenza, need for hospitalization, death, but the patient may have a mild illness with several days of cold, cough and fever,” said Milan Trojánek, head of the Department of Infectious Medicine at the Institute of Postgraduate Education in health.

The best protection therefore remains the nozzle. “I believe that they are a cheap and effective form of personal protection against covid-19. In our country, however, veils have been moved from a health aspect more to a social debate,” says František Stejskal, president of the section for tropical and travel medicine at the Society of Infectious Medicine in the Czech Medical Association JEP.

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