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Flu season may be more severe this year than last year, warns sanitation workers

South Moravian hygienists expect the coming flu season to be more difficult than the one that ended this spring. This suggests a change in the composition of the vaccine that is vaccinated against the flu and where two new strains of virus have emerged.

"Last season was no more serious as the same virus strain had been circulating for several years. A change in vaccine vaccine composition suggests that the flu virus is expected to change, suggesting this season will be more severe," the anti-epidemiological head said [19659003] The influenza vaccine is the same for the entire northern hemisphere and, for example, takes into account the course of the flu season in the southern hemisphere

about 200 died. But doctors estimate that about 1

,500 to 2,000 deaths are associated with flu each year. "It is important to remember that influenza is a serious disease that does not avoid any age group. The only prevention is vaccination," Ciupek said.

July Then there is a risk that man does not develop defensive substances in time before the epidemic. It usually starts after the New Year and lasts six to eight weeks.

Vaccination against influenza has been around five percent for a long time. People with chronic cardiovascular disease, respiratory system or diabetes are the most susceptible to influenza, and the risk of death from influenza is many times higher than in healthy adults. People over 65 also run the risk and are reimbursed by health insurance companies.

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