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Felicia, Audi and cyclist – Novinky.cz

The accident happened at the intersection near Poďous, which is a local part of Bečvár in Kolín. Felicia went from Kolín to Uhlířské Janovice. The vehicle did not favor the audience, who went on the main road to Prague, "said police spokesman Martina Fejfarova to the news.

One of the crashed cars still struck the cyclist, who came from Kolin." Probably it was audi, "said the spokesman, saying that The accident was still investigated.

Both car accidents ended just like a cyclist after a crash of the road. The Felicia driver suffered serious injuries, according to Vladimir Kerekovas spokesman, had to get him out of the wreck. The savior transported the man to the hospital with a helicopter.

With a serious injury, a cyclist also stopped at the hospital and his paramedics were taken by ambulance. Fejfar said that two people were in the audience, and the passenger was a little injured and the driver was good.


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