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Elon Musk rises in the rankings of billionaires. He is richer than Warren Buffett

Tesla CEO Elon Muska’s assets rose $ 6.1 billion on Friday after Tesla shares rose 11 percent. He is thus ranked seventh on Bloomberg’s list of the richest people in the world. Musk also skipped legendary investor Warren Buffett and technology titles Larry Ellison of Oracle and Sergei Brin of Google.

The vast majority of Music’s assets are directly linked to his two largest business projects: Tesla and SpaceX. Forty-year-old Musk owns about one-fifth of Tesla’s shares, which makes up a significant portion of his $ 70.5 billion fortune.

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7;s shares rose by an incredible 269 percent this year. Tesla’s value set new records and made Muska the highest paid manager in the US, earning $ 595 million.

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Musk is the last tech company to jump on Buffett’s billionaire list. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Google founder Larry Page and Sergei Brin have done so before.

However, Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital Holdings pointed out that technology companies’ estimation is rising to astronomical heights with no rational justification. “It’s a classic speculative bubble,” he told Bloomberg Television.

This week, too, the wealth of Omaha, as Buffett is nicknamed, was skipped by the Indian businessman and owner of Reliance Industries Mukeš Ambani.

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