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Drama Quiet Touches with Křenková offers trailer – Novinky.cz

Eliška Křenková will be in the leading role of Silent Touch, a story about a girl who, as an au pair, is in a radical family group abroad. Dutch actor Monic Hendricxs, Roeland Fernhout and ten-year-old Jacob Jutte play in English. Director Michal Hogenauer graduated from FAMU, his exam film Tambylles was screened in Cannes.

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Eliška Křenková


Over the mountains by Martin Mareček is an adventurous road movie about the journey White and Grigori Kalvoda to Divějev, Russia, an intimate Stored portrait of his father and son and their efforts to bridge the gap between love and loss. The generation of four-year-old fathers struggle today, and internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker Martin Mareček does not present himself for the first time in Karlovy Vary.

The Czech Republic is represented by a co-production in the main competition this year The Light of the Slovak Director M Arko Škopa Film Company Negativ participated in the production of all three of this year's competition films.

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