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Doctors: Modern diabetes medicines are more expensive, which reduces the complications

Update: 05.11.2019 13:19

Prague – Modern diabetes drugs that also solve heart disease are more expensive than standard treatment, therefore do not allow health insurance companies to prescribe each patient. At the same time, these products reduce the complications of diabetes, which costs the Czech health industry two-thirds of the cost of treating diabetes. Martin Haluzík, director of the Department of Experimental Diabetology at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, said this at today's press conference.

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0 to 15 percent of the amount spent on Czech health insurance is spent on the treatment of patients with diabetes. This year, approximately SEK 320 billion was available for care, so diabetes consumed approximately SEK 32 to 48 billion. Diabetics are more prone to arterial injury, which leads to a higher risk of heart attacks or strokes. More than half of the diabetic patients suffer from kidney failure who must undergo dialysis. According to Haluzík, diabetes is also the leading cause of blindness and nerve and blood vessel damage in some untreated diabetic patients, leading to leg numbness

. therefore, the goal was to reduce blood sugar, said Josef Kořínek of II.

According to him, modern drugs focus on reducing the complications of the heart and blood vessels and reducing the patient's weight. They are based on a body-specific hormone that promotes the production of insulin and at the same time reduces the production of the hormone glucagon, which in turn acts against insulin

However, due to health insurance regulations, some patients have to pay for all or part of their treatment, then be reimbursed after to have reached the limit of protection for drug supplements. "Early use of this treatment can prevent the development of long-term complications in many patients and thus save significant resources," Haluzík added.

Southern Moravian region and Prague. According to experts, it is important to detect the disease in time and should be directed by general practitioners during preventive examinations. On Thursday, November 14, I celebrate World Diabetes Day.



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