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Digitln Golf full. M bt with car for everyone and standard for competition

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People understand cheaply at the door, even if it has its name. It is primarily a trendsetter. It sets new standards in the automotive industry, summarized by Herbert Diess, leader of the entire German company.

Just as Beetle is a constant character, explains its ambassador Jurgen Stackmann, a colleague led by Volkswagen, who once acted in the code, as well as his colleague Frank Welsch, who elected to Mlada Boleslav 201215. Now both Volkswagen Golf presents the world . On the day, his relatives, the new Octavia, will premiere.

It is for your hard luggage wheels, a car called Golf with Volkswagen simply has to rise always. Of all the three hundred models that the Volkswagen Group has sold worldwide, the Golf is a tenth. In addition, it is Europe's best-selling car. Over the 45 years since the golf name was introduced, 35 million vehicles have been produced on the car scene. Of these, 26 million were first in Wolfsburg


Even in the premiere of the new Golf Diess, the current global situation distorted: The first golf was a response to the seven-year oil crisis. a controversial, rational car that filled the void of German clay and introduced itself when the Sunday break was cleared. Nov Golf mt according to Diess symbol for the car today, when the planet is a climate crisis.

Ralf Brandsttter, Volkswagen F-character, has a plug-in hybrid version that runs on flashlights and 60 kilometers for Golf. The energy is stored for this in lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 13 kWh. Golf three beers the most vbr unit in the segment of five new hybrid versions. Either in a lightweight mild hybrid form or as a plug-in hybrid charger


Mild hybrids carry eTSI, work with 48 volt starter generator technology and had lion-ion batteries, 81 kW gasoline engines, 96 kW or 110 kW [19659011] Plug-in hybrids are available in two power versions with 150 and 180 kilowatts. The 1.4 TSI petrol engine is connected to an electric motor, which provides only one electric drive unit. The strong result for the unit comes into the GTE version. The iconic GTI and GTD also arrive on time, presumably with classic two-liter turbo petrol and turbo diesel. All new engines, including natural gas versions (1.5 TSI, 96 kW / 130 hp), are injected in and out. The power of a total of eight Golf and Golf 1.0, 1.5 and 2 liter engines will range from 66 kW / 90 hp to over 221 kW / 300 hp.

kW / 115 hp or 110 kW / 150 hp. The 150 hp version will initially be offered with four-wheel drive.


Also gives him digital golf, that is the great discipline that Volkswagen puts expensive on its next generation bestseller. You can see it on the instrument consists of two screens. This time there was not much revenge on filigree design and edge. Klaus Bischoff's design team had to work darkly with touch controls and flat tablets. From the cockpit is the wall area which surrounds victims as in the vault. The impression is that the fantastic screens are fully configurable and play with colors and features. The head-up display shows operating information on the windscreen.


Interactive online navigation is on board. Or a new premium audio system from American specialist Harman Kardon. Headlights (always LEDs), which automatically light up as soon as they are set, have an important function. If Golf goes in the dark, the light does not go out at all.

Tm but just zan. For example, Volkswagen emphasizes the function of decentralized communication with the environment (infrastructure and vehicles) Car2X. It is a type of collective intelligence that is involved in road traffic and transport infrastructure, such as alerting people to the danger or ambulances behind a column.

Travel Assist, used for the first time in the world of golf-tdy, provides quick assist speeds of 210 km / h in the bedrooms. Drivers do not need to actively interfere with women or use the accelerator or brake pedals. Stand when it will drive the wheel and watch the traffic. If the steering wheel is operated for more than fifteen seconds, the warning will be visual, audible and braked. At this point, the driver must react and grab the steering wheel again, otherwise the current generation of Emergency Assistant will be activated automatically.

The specialty is to unlock the phone. A feature that keeps your development cool and comes in five years, allowing you to unlock or lock the car and start the engine. At the same time, it only works with some models of Samsung characters.

Digitization of a vehicle makes it possible to adapt the vehicle. Individual settings are stored in the vehicle memory and in the cloud. This means that they are available at any time even after changing vehicles or vehicles.

Some systems in the new Gulf will not only be upgraded, but in many cases expanded. The owner will then be able to activate (buy) additionally, such as adaptive cruise control, long light assistant, navigation system or wi-fi hotspot and voice control with internet connection

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Icons would not be without Giorgett Giugiar, one of the best-known car design that provided the TV and features of the first generation of Golf. The thick rear pillar and functional front worm design characterize the Golf for 45 years in all eight generations.

The dimensions have not changed much since the rapid growth of cars is over. Today, the architects are united and ergonomically combined to give more space for the crew. The length is 4,284 to 1,789 to 1,446 and the wheelbase is 2,636 millimeters. The front surface has been changed to 2.21 m2 and the aerodynamic drag coefficient (cx) has decreased to 0.275.

UB Manufacturing

The 7-generation Golf predecessor introduced the 2010 MQB module platform for engine-mounted cars front and four-wheel drive, a progressive solution that has also inspired other manufacturers. Today, MQB uses most of the German companies' mass market models, with 5.1 million cars using it. With the eight-pound golf game and its development, Volkswagen calls it MQB 2 and talks about n even as a new generation.

Production of the new Golf model in the main line from the summer and is now in the phase of the sweat cars sweat. At the December arrest, the first vehicles will be displayed at German and Austrian dealerships, says Andreas Tostmann, board member, responsible for production. Despite the complexity, the production of the new Golf takes an hour less than its predecessor;

A total of 8,400 Wolfsburg staff are dedicated to the exclusive production of Golf 8. This consists of over 2,700 individual lengths and components. There is a cable of 1,340 meters in 962 wiring. This is about 100 meters of cable and about 31 wiring, not in the previous generation. From the bottom plate to make the body of the Golf Edest nine kilometers on assembly lines, it does not come out of the production lines. Eighty-six percent of the current platform strategy, supplied by Tostmann, can also be used in the bodywork

The logging of all data that is crucial for vehicle operability during Golf 8 is performed automatically via fast wireless (WLAN) during the assembly process. . Thanks to the increased production time at this process step despite the increasing amount of data, Tostmann explains.

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