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Delivery took a quarter of a ton of pernicious meat to the children's camp – Novinky.cz

The driver drove pork, poultry and minced meat under absolutely unsatisfactory conditions.

"The vehicle's cargo space was not equipped with cooling units for transporting refrigerated or frozen food. This was also reflected in the transported products that were partially thawed and leaked out of them. The control measurement showed a completely unsatisfactory temperature," says Petr Majer from the Veterinary Agency.

According to him, the supplier is not from South Bohemia. "At this point, however, we will not state who it is, we are still investigating the matter," the spokesman said.

The secured meat was not labeled, the documents were missing and the inspection also found that the carrier was not registered with the Regional Veterinary Administration. "Because the food transported under unsatisfactory conditions poses a risk to consumer health, the entire shipment is discolored in place," Majer said.

  The meat was also spoiled

The meat deteriorated in heat


The meat is consumed by children who spend time at a camp near the village Rosička in the Jindřichův Hradec region. Immediately, when we learned about the poorly transported meat, they controlled the camp, but the freezers were empty, as fortunately it did not come to the flesh, so it was not a problem for us, "Kvetoslava Kotrbová told Pravo. České Budějovice, with the children's camps in the southern Bohemian region still being under strict surveillance

The hygienists did not impose sanctions on the doctors' organizers. with one million dollars fines from the State Veterinary Administration.

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